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Jan 8, 2008

The Rewards of The Secret

“The Secret” – just the appropriate word to explore when one is looking for the magic to unfold in their lives. This word came to me in the form of a DVD, as a gift […]

Jan 8, 2008


Life for me is a mystery which wants to reveal itself to each and everyone of us. Life is a beautiful song which it wants to sing for us. I own a small bakery in […]

Jan 8, 2008

Everything Makes Sense Now

I was introduced to the Secret many years ago, through many different sources. I’ve manifested great jobs and lots of different opportunities, over and over again. When certain things in our lives go wrong, it […]

Jan 8, 2008

Then I saw the LIGHT

I have always felt that as individuals we were not put on earth to just plod along and EXIST. I have always believed and felt that we were meant to LIVE, and LIVE WELL, and […]

Jan 8, 2008

A little belief goes a long way

I was first introduced to The Secret while watching Oprah. I was so excited just listening to the experiences and knowledge of the guests that I went straight to my pc and logged on to […]

Jan 8, 2008

Working After 7 years of Unemployement

A few months back, 3 months to be exactl, a friend of mind was talking about the law of attraction. He read something somewhere and was sharing it with me. I became interested and was […]

Jan 8, 2008

Universe Sends The Fat Lady

Monday afternoon 10th Sep 2007 in our real estate office, my husband was complaining that we needed more buyers for our listed properties for sale. He laughed it off when I told him to ask […]

Jan 8, 2008

A New Start

About 10 months ago I left a hurtful relationship. It was shortly after that when I found “The Secret.” I watched it over and over again. It was like hearing a truth that I knew […]

Jan 8, 2008


Listening to The SECRET on CD, Rhonda explains how you only need to ask once. If you order from a catalog, you don’t replace an order every hour, just to make sure the order arrived. […]

Jan 8, 2008

Cynic, interrupted: Show me the money!

The last year or so has been a bumpy financial road for me. Normally one to keep my problems to myself, I just snapped one day while chatting to my volleyball teamates after a game. […]

Jan 8, 2008

Hard To Believe But It Is True!

I purchased the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne last week. And after I finished reading it (as well as when I was reading it) I got to thinking of how I got my current […]

Jan 8, 2008

Check Please

In April of 2007, after working hard to follow the method of The Secret, I decided to fill out the blank check. At first I thought “Millions”, but I remembered that The Secret is what […]

Jan 8, 2008


I heard about The Secret on Carte Blance, a programme on Mnet. I was immediataley hooked to The Secret. As I was not in South Africa at the time, I phoned my aunt to get […]

Jan 8, 2008

I’m a stay at home mom with a home job

This is my second story posting on here for the world to see that The Secret truly works, and is still working in other beautiful ways for me. I’m a stay at home mom for […]

Jan 8, 2008

A clear vision realized!

I had spent a few years with a company but could not see the next step in my career. I listened to “The Secret” CDs and set a clear vision for my next career step […]

Jan 8, 2008

New jobs for everyone!!!

I have just read the book and am very positive about it, but it was completely reinforced this morning – to the point where I am still having goose pimples writing this. This all happened […]

Jan 8, 2008

A FIRM Believer!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I had surgery and missed three months of work. While I was still feeling very sick and low in energy, I was called to come back to work. I had realized that this job […]

Jan 8, 2008

Dumb Luck

A while back, a friend of mine suggested I read The Secret. I took it to college one day and sat in an empty classroom to read it. Not fifteen minutes later, my mind was […]

Jan 8, 2008


I have been reading the stories on The Secret website every time I am at work. I have thought of writing things, however nothing huge has happened yet. But that is just it… all little […]

Jan 8, 2008

My victory won by Faith

I’ve just finished reading the book The Secret and I realized that the things that I believed in and accomplished in the past were the principles used in the book. I also just recently read […]