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Oct 23, 2017

The Secret Check.

A few months before my 20th birthday I realized I needed money for all the desires I had to make my birthday special. I wasn’t employed and really had barely any cash. The Secret had […]

Oct 22, 2017

What Do You Want When You Get Out Of There?

In 1992 I was in a really bad situation. I found my self living in Oakland staying in a junkyard next to a rehearsal studio warehouse where bands and musicians practiced or lived. The manager of […]

Oct 22, 2017

Money For Mom.

Bed time; not the first place a kid wants to go at the end of their day. Except for me of course! I always loved getting into bed at night before my mom because I […]

Oct 22, 2017

Disbelief Turned Into Belief!

I am a true skeptic, always doubting and having a hard time believing good things will come to pass. I’ve known about The Secret since the very beginning and have had some success with it. […]

Oct 21, 2017


I am so incredibly grateful for The Secret! I am also grateful for the $5000 I had been manifesting in just 9 days! I will be spending it on a trip for my kids and […]

Oct 20, 2017

It Worked!

I tried to attract an alright exam result and also enough money to treat my teacher as gratitude gift. I did this a few days after I learned of this LOA. Guess what? I even […]

Oct 19, 2017

My Life Changed Right Before My Eyes.

I learned about “The Secret” during a seminar, for homeless kids. I was one of them. At 18 I was living in a homeless shelter, a few dollars to my name and surrounded by all […]

Oct 19, 2017

Small Miracles!

I started practicing the LOA and gratitude this year. In April of 2015 I got notice from my landlord that the home I lived in would be sold and so I had to move. I […]

Oct 17, 2017

Shopping Online!!

I came about The Secret from an aunt. I was so excited that I went out and got the book, movie and all. I watched it with the family and days later I decided to […]

Oct 16, 2017

Did It Work Too Fast?

I watched The Secret 6 months ago. I was looking for something more in my life but wasn’t sure what. I wrote down all the things I wanted and the list went as follows: A […]

Oct 16, 2017

Had The World But Lost Everything

I’m a 42 year old woman who recently became a single mom. My husband of 23 years decided that I wasn’t enough and found a new love. He stopped coming home at the end of […]

Oct 14, 2017

God And The Universe Always Make A Way!

Blessings to everyone! I just wanted to share my story. I am currently a medical student and I have had many up and downs in fulfilling the purpose that God has for me. I recently […]

Oct 12, 2017

$25,000 Miracle And More!!

Thank you to all of those before me whose great stories have inspired me and helped me keep the faith. Thank you to Rhonda for writing these incredible books. I was going through some severe […]

Oct 10, 2017

Overwhelming Gratitude.

I heard of The Secret about 5 years ago from a Doctor I had worked with briefly. I was curious in the book from the moment she mentioned it. I had been divorced for about […]

Oct 9, 2017

Attracted My Scholarship Money!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who made The Secret! In our country it is very difficult to survive for students who take higher education who aren’t under any type of so called […]

Oct 5, 2017

Thank You Universe!

Thank you so much Universe. I have only just begun using The Secret and I am already seeing magnificent results. Thank you to entire team of The Secret and the Universe.

Oct 4, 2017

I Am Absolutely In Shock!

Hello everyone! Thank you, Rhonda for being the angel you are. I have nothing but love and so many hugs for you! A few weeks ago, I had the itch to have $3,000 for my […]

Oct 3, 2017

I Attracted The Perfect Puppy!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Rhonda, her daughter and The Secret team!! I first watched The Secret in 2012. Since then I have watched it numberless times and read the book and completed […]

Oct 3, 2017

The Magic Check

I have used The Secret to manifest many things in my life. I have also read the The Magic and I have felt gratitude for many things in my life. However this story is not […]

Oct 2, 2017

There Is Magic And It’s Called Gratitude.

I was filling up my gas tank this morning and as I put my card back into my wallet, I started to look at my receipts. Some were for groceries, some were for clothing, some […]

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