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Nov 4, 2018

Bought The Secret At A Heavy Discount.

This is truly a life changing book. It has helped me and people around me live life for the better. Being a believer of the law of attraction and the receiver of all my desires, […]

Oct 27, 2018

Book Magnet.

I came across The Secret after the Universe led me to cross paths with a book I had recently read, Conversations With God 3 . The book had changed my life and I was in […]

Oct 26, 2018

It Was A Great Day!

I want to start my post with gratitude for the Universe and The Secret team, you have truly changed my life. I will get right to the story. Today I was looking for a parking […]

Oct 20, 2018

My Dream Love Became Real.

I want to thank the Universe and everyone else that is synchronized with The Secret. I was coming out of a long relationship that was on and off, as well as being a very depressed […]

Oct 20, 2018

Got The stuff I Had Been Wanting!

Recently, I was reading The Secret. I have known The Secret for a quite long time actually, but I just had an interest in reading it.  I have read The Secret, The Power, and right […]

Oct 18, 2018

Flawless Skin.

Hello everyone, First of all I would like to thank Rhonda and the Universe for sharing The Secret and for making it happen! Let me tell you about my facial skin. Since I was a a […]

Oct 14, 2018

I Live An Amazing Life!!

Thank you Rhonda Byrne to you and your amazing team for the spectacular work that you guys do to make our lives abundant and blissful! I love you guys each and every single day and […]

Oct 11, 2018

Committed Relationship.

I was re-introduced to the law of attraction when I met the love of my life. When I met him, everything clicked and everything was so magical. We had our ups and downs and I […]

Oct 5, 2018

Extra Pizza.

I am a middle aged mother of one with a stable job and great family. I was on holiday in Edinburgh and was really surprised about how many homeless people there are. I was thinking […]

Oct 1, 2018

I Attracted The Trip Of A Lifetime!

I firstly want to say thank you to Rhonda and those involved The Secret book and documentary, your insight has really inspired me! I had practised the law of attraction for years, and the most amazing […]

Sep 30, 2018

The Secret And The Bhagavad Gita.

I have just watched The Secret movie and I had known the principle of the holy book Bhagavad Gita. Three months later I gave up the latter one. It was my mistake. Both books tell us […]

Sep 22, 2018

A Powerful Thought!!!

Hey all , Thank you Rhonda Byrne and the team of The Secret for making it all happen. I have been following the LOA very closely day by day and seeing The Magic happen all […]

Sep 10, 2018

Got My First Car For Free!

So my story starts like this. My lovely boyfriend and soul mate helped me get my license. I used the law of attraction to get that with ease. So anyway I was waiting for winter […]

Sep 10, 2018

My Favorite Cell Phone.

Hello there and a big thank you to The Secret team and thank you to every single soul who puts their stories in here! The first time I used The Secret in my life was […]

Sep 4, 2018

Manifested Within One Day!

Hey all! Let me tell you a short and interesting story that happened today. Just a day ago I wished for 25 thousand and wrote that on The Secret cheque. Then I completely forgot about […]

Aug 31, 2018

It’s Only The Beginning.

So I was halfway through reading The Secret and I thought I would try it out and manifest something for myself. I started with something small. I told myself when I go into work someone […]

Aug 27, 2018

Miracle Getting Visa So Soon And Easily.

Hello there friends. I have a heart full of gratitude to offer to The Secret, Rhonda Byrne and Abraham Hicks because these three teachers have worked miracles in my life. If you are going through […]

Aug 26, 2018

Grateful For A Wonderful Life.

Thank-you so much to Rhonda and The Secret team. I have been reading The Secret, The Power and The Magic for years. Sometimes I would feel despair, sadness and hopeless but then I would either […]

Aug 26, 2018

The Beautiful Boots.

After a painful divorce, I met who I knew was the love of my life in the spring of 2011. One of the first things I asked her was if she’d heard of The Secret. […]

Aug 21, 2018

Yes, The Yellow Car!

Hi everyone. This story is specially dedicated to “NG” whos story was posted on this website on 1st Jan 2018. Hey NG, I hope you are reading this too. So lately I was a bit […]