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Jan 14, 2018

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer Had Christmas Gifts Stolen.

Hi, my name is Dane Jackson and I am an MS sufferer.  I came home one day to find I had been burglarized  and of all my Christmas presents I had bought for my little […]

Jan 7, 2018

Just Believe And Wait For The Wonders!

Dear Rhonda and The Secret team, There is not just one one, but many instances where The Secret has helped me overcome hurdles in my life. From a very small age, I had been raised […]

Jan 7, 2018

My Secret.

Hi everybody! If you have time and you plan to give up on life, I suggest that you read this. What The Secret has given me I can’t put into words, but I wish I […]

Jan 3, 2018


I truly wanted to take some time and say thank you for doing what you are doing. It has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity […]

Dec 30, 2017

My New Apartment!

Hey all!!! Well, since I started dating my boyfriend I wanted to get out of my house that I lived in with my mom and my grandmother. I wanted to have a house of my […]

Dec 27, 2017

Absolute Gratitude.

I’m just sitting here going through my ritual of reading The Secret stories and after just one story I’ve decided that I just want to thank every single person who shares their testimonies on this […]

Dec 22, 2017

Manifested Him, Yippee!!

Hi all wonderful people! I am very, very happy today! Thank you so much Rhonda for introducing The Secret to all of us! May God give you all the happiness in this world! OK, now […]

Dec 15, 2017

The Secret Gave Me My Dream Life.

After a breakup in 2011 I felt my world was falling apart. I was a single mum with two young children barely getting by financially and not much support around me. I knew deep down […]

Dec 15, 2017

Life Changed Instantly!

I thought it was time to finally share my story. I’m currently twenty now, but I first discovered The Secret years ago, before beginning my second year of high school. I was looking around my […]

Dec 14, 2017

Above All Else Believe.

I have always gotten anything I have ever wanted by believing above all else, that it would happen. From the Christmas lists as a child to the sweepstakes that I win. If you believe in […]

Dec 14, 2017

The Secret Was Right.

In The Secret there is an activity that states to think hard and visualize someone that you have not seen in a long time and remember the memories you made with that person. So I recalled […]

Dec 10, 2017

The Guy I Always Wanted To Be With!

Thank you Rhonda for bringing “The Magic” into our lives! My sister recommended this book to me when I was going through a horrible, heart breaking and painful break up. I was totally broken and I […]

Dec 7, 2017

Most Difficult Exam.

Today I had an exam in the most difficult subject. I had studied for it, but at first I was unsure of the result. When I saw the paper, I was thrilled to see what I […]

Dec 1, 2017

We Met Again.

Hello friends, I am very happy to write my first story here. Me and my boyfriend had a bad fight. He blamed me for everything that went wrong that day and he cursed me. I […]

Dec 1, 2017

A Friend Reaching Out.

I was not actively doing visualizations for this but it still manifested. Me and my friend had not talked to each other in a while because it had become awkward. A few months had gone […]

Nov 28, 2017

The Power Of Love Changed Everything.

I always made sure that I would not take any stress or worry before exams and will radiate the highest positive power I can so that all the other fellows and my friends also become […]

Nov 23, 2017

Helping Others.

I first watched The Secret on Netflix a couple of months ago and immediately believed it would work. I wanted to be able to manifest good things for my friends and coworkers as well as […]

Nov 22, 2017

From Lonely To Lovely.

Hi there, When I joined my new school there was a lot of bullying that I faced on my first day of school. It took a toll on me and I was always depressed, lonely […]

Nov 20, 2017

I Cracked NEET 2017 Effortlessly!!

I had read about LOA but I never seriously considered it even though my best friend was into it ever since we were thirteen. Gradually, I started believing in it as I saw how I […]

Nov 19, 2017


Namaste! In 2014, I made a friend online. We exchanged emails regularly, and talked a lot. However, I didn’t know what he looked like, and I didn’t even know his full name. He didn’t know […]

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