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Apr 21, 2018

Purple Butterfly.

Me and my partner live in the north of England and lead a good life. We rent a lovely home and live near our family and friends and my partner has a good job, but […]

Apr 21, 2018

The Secret Is A Miraculous Book!

First, I want to thank Rhonda from my heart. Here’s my incredible story and how the Law of Attraction blessed me, even before I was aware of it! I want to let you know I am […]

Apr 20, 2018

Life Is Phenomenal!

I am so happy and grateful now that I am writing my story here. The Secret has brought me all the happiness in my life which had actually been missing. I am very glad that […]

Apr 19, 2018

My Dream Wedding.

This is about my dream wedding, how it happened with my love as I wished, just like how my marriage should be. After reading The Secret book and watching the videos, I totally believed I […]

Apr 18, 2018

Got My Guy Thanks To The Secret.

Thank you God, Thank you Universe and thank you Rhonda for bringing this concept of the law of attraction, love and gratitude to us. I met a guy through the arranged marriage set up and […]

Apr 16, 2018

Loving My Life.

I am a young lady. Faith in the almighty and heartfelt gratitude has worked like magic. I have discovered my own self in a new light. It really feels good to have confidence and to […]

Apr 13, 2018

Super Mom Made It True!

Raising twin boys wasn’t always easy but giving up on the struggle wasn’t an option. I’m a single parent and have financially and emotionally supported us on my own. My dream was to do this […]

Apr 12, 2018

Magical Money!

Me and my mom read The Secret around 2 years ago and many magical things keep happening since then. This year had been tough as we faced financial troubles but every time we thought about abundance, […]

Apr 12, 2018

Magical Medical Appointment.

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2015 and has undergone various treatments. Fortunately it was under control and became stable since then. Recently, his blood test had shown that the cancer may have […]

Apr 10, 2018

What You Get Is Not Always Expected!

The past 5 years had taken their toll, there were ups and downs but it felt like the downs were starting diminish and I was levelling out into comfort. It had been arduous with a […]

Apr 8, 2018

My New Life!

My life is amazing in every sense. I am a woman and I have changed my entire life with “The Secret”. I had seen the DVD of The Secret in 2008 and also again in […]

Apr 6, 2018

My Brother’s Recovery.

My brother has been a mental patient for a long time and sometimes he gets angry and violent for the littlest of things. He has improved now, but has been a source of constant trouble […]

Apr 5, 2018

Graduation Ticket.

My now 18 year old niece was graduating from high school in June of the year 2017. I went down to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Riverview to attend the graduation only to find out that […]

Apr 4, 2018

The Secret Is Real.

I tried the million dollar story before I read the book. I was sending the Universe my desire to win a million dollars in the lottery. I would tell everyone. I told my parents, partner […]

Apr 3, 2018

Never Stop Asking And Believing.

My father could not financially support any of his children for studying after they completing high school. I was forced into the Air Force and into a direction which was not in my vision. I […]

Mar 31, 2018

My Miracle Son.

Thank you to The Secret team for sharing The Secret with the world. This happened a year ago and now my son is almost 11 months old. When I was pregnant, they told me that […]

Mar 29, 2018

Magical And Amazing!

Where do I begin, except amazing!! Absolutely amazing!! My story began in March of 2006, where I, like many others, came into my darkest hour. I just had just broken up out from my miserable […]

Mar 28, 2018

My Secret Story, Living The Dream.

As a teenager, I used to spend countless hours imagining my dream life. My career, the love of my life, my house and every small detail of how I wanted my future to be. These […]

Mar 26, 2018


Okay so a huge thank you and lots of love to everyone who is reading this. This story started last year in September. I had written out The Magic Check for around 20k. Those who […]

Mar 26, 2018

A Desire Precise But Not Necessary.

I am a student in business and I need to have perfect English. That was why I had decided to go to England in order to get professional skills in English during the summer.  My […]