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Jun 29, 2020

Found My Soulmate, My Cat And My House.

The Secret has helped me attract many things. My soulmate and partner for one. I wrote a detailed list of qualities I wanted in a partner over 2 years ago and he is everything on […]

Jun 26, 2020

I Manifested A Puppy Which Was Impossible!

Hello guys! I have manifested hundreds of things with LOA but today I’ll tell you how was I able to manifest a puppy. Some back story: I have always wanted a beagle puppy since I was […]

May 15, 2020

Well Behaved Dog.

This is my third story here. So I’ve had my dog for a while and I love her with all of my heart, but she used to have this issue. Every time I would walk her, […]

May 5, 2020

My Puppy.

Hi All, I usually read the stories published on this site. Thanks to all of you as you all have inspired me to think and be positive. During my vacation in India near my aunty’s home, […]

Apr 27, 2020

My Perfect Life!

Firstly, I want to thank Rhonda, her team and all the readers who have shared their stories on this website. It has been a real inspiration for me in achieving my dreams! I got married […]

Apr 25, 2020

Found My Lost Cat!

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who submit their stories here. Reading the stories helps people who are trying to manifest something. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. […]

Apr 13, 2020

Self Love And Acceptance.

Since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was to be loved and accepted because I had always been rejected and pushed to one side. It has taken me to the now age of […]

Apr 13, 2020

The Secret Reins In My Dream Horses!

My passion for horses came late in life, but using The Secret to manifest my dream horse has made me feel young again! Thanks to a daily infusion of Rhonda’s books, apps, videos, etc., I […]

Mar 29, 2020

Surprise, Surprise!

Careful what you haven’t even asked for yet, you may get it. My cat died last year at 20 years old. Since I’m old I gave away all my cat supplies worried that I could […]

Mar 9, 2020

Got My Precious Cat Back!

First I want to express my deep gratitude for Rhonda and her team for introducing me to the laws of our wonderful Universe. I watched The Secret when I was a kid and from that time […]

Feb 28, 2020

Ask, Believe And Receive.

Hello to everyone who has written their stories so far, and a big thank you to Rhonda for sharing this. I saw the movie The Secret for the first time in 2012 with my beautiful […]

Feb 19, 2020

The Magic Is All Around Us.

This is a story about my first experience with The Magic. Seven months ago I decided I wanted to own a black male German shepherd. I didn’t know how I was going to get one […]

Feb 15, 2020

Unbelievable Success Regarding Money!

I first saw The Secret movie in 2006. Up to that point, my life had been a series of being treated like a doormat. I was humble, broken and had no self-esteem. I was grossly […]

Feb 7, 2020

My Dogs.

So there are two female stray dogs in my colony. Me and my family feed them and they stay at our home the whole day but we haven’t adopted them because we all have jobs […]

Jan 10, 2020


Hello, I just watched “The Secret” on Youtube. It was translated into my language, Georgian! I just want to say to everyone thank you, thank you, thank you for making this film. Thank you so […]

Dec 25, 2019

My Parrot Returned Safe And Sound.

Thank you so much to The Secret book. Thank you to all the people who post their story to this website and thank you to God. This is my first time writing to this website. […]

Dec 20, 2019

Sweetie Came Back!

Three weeks ago, my dad presented me with the most beautiful gift, two Lovebirds whom I named Cutie and Sweetie. Initially, they were shy around each other but soon, became friendly. And before I knew […]

Dec 19, 2019

My Wish, My Love!

I am Shromona and I am from India. I love the book The Secret! It has changed my life and now I am full of positivity. Now I am in love with the Universe and […]

Dec 1, 2019

How The Secret Changed My Miserable Life Into A Miraculous One!!

A year ago I was not the person that I am now. All I could do with ease back then was to complain about my surroundings and underestimate myself without even any valid reason. Then […]

Nov 28, 2019

My Perfect Dog!

Thank you Rhonda Byrne and everyone else associated with The Secret, you are all a gift and a blessing. God bless you. This story is about my dog. She is a small dog and was […]