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Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!

The Secret to Teen Power explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager’s point of view.

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Imagination is the creative force of the Universe!

The Power of Henry’s Imagination is a picture story book exploring one of The Secret principles: visualization.

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The easiest, fastest way to lasting happiness is to practice gratitude.

Find the 28 most powerful gratitude practices in The Magic!

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Love everything around you, and the love MUST come back to you - a hundred fold!

The Power reveals the greatest force in the universe, and exactly how to use it - for better relationships and for everything you could ever want.

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Whatever dream you are dreaming, KNOW that the Universe wants you to succeed.

Hero lights the way for your dream - step-by-step through every challenge, hurdle, or set back - until it is realized.

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Great health comes from having great thoughts and FEELING great.

The Secret Daily Teachings provides a simple, inspiring way to keep your thoughts and feelings positive every single day of the year.

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Jul 7, 2020

Free Movie Tickets!

I going to wash dishes when a housemate of mine told me that they were going to watch a movie and if I had registered for it I would have gotten tickets also. Most of […]

Jul 6, 2020

Perfect Skin Overnight!

I am Samantha and I’m from South America. I had very bad skin problems. I came to this website and I saw how people used The Secret to change their skin overnight. So I decided to do […]

Jul 6, 2020

On The Road To Recovery From Abdomen Pain.

Let me start off by saying that I was skeptical. Very skeptical. I had read The Secret a few years ago and in the midst of work, school and life in general, I had forgotten […]

Jun 24, 2020

Manifestation Of An Amazing Job And Exams Cleared!

Hello everyone, I am so grateful to Rhonda, The Secret and to this Universe for bringing one of my desires to reality, the law of attraction works! I am writing this because when my mind […]

Jun 22, 2020

Manifested In Two Days!

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you to the Universe to and thank you Rhonda Byrne for introducing The Secret to the world. I am really grateful to have The Secret book along with me. After […]

Jun 19, 2020

If I Can Achieve Success Then You Can Too!

I wholeheartedly thank the honorable Rhonda Byrne and her team of The Secret. To make the readers understand this story in a detailed manner, I have divided it into two parts: Part 1: Before I […]

Jun 16, 2020

One Of The Best Experiences!

Last summer was a really different experience for me. I was in a new place just for the summer with my partner but he had been there for the last 4 years. I barely knew […]

Jun 10, 2020

Belief And Knowing That What You Think, You Receive.

I met the most wonderful man a month ago and he was the only man I spent hours with the first time we met. I knew God sent him way. He’s everything I desired without […]

Jun 7, 2020

Ask, Believe, Have Gratitude, Receive.

I am literally happy to share my story with everyone here. Thank you to Rhonda and the entire team of The Secret. I heard about The Secret in 2012 while in high school. I totally […]

May 30, 2020

The Healing Sign.

First of all, thank you so much to The Secret family and also to all the wonderful people sending their stories out for the world. Without any delay I will straightly come to the point. […]

May 23, 2020

A Girl With A Blue Umbrella.

Greetings to all! I am in a state of absolute happiness as I write this story. I have read The Secret, The Magic and The Power. In the past I have experienced the magic of […]

May 23, 2020

Grateful To The Universe For The Sign.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ever grateful to have found The Secret. As I write this story, I’m sitting at home in a country lockdown in India during the COVID -19 pandemic! I was […]

May 17, 2020

I AM Smiling.

Thanks for getting The Secret story out in such a simplified way so that everyone can understand it! I believe The Secret is the power within us that God or your higher power, gave to […]

May 16, 2020

Unbelievable To Achievable.

Thank you so much Rhonda and The Secret team for introducing The Secret to the entire world. I would like to thank my friend Arvind who gifted me the book. I looked at my life […]

May 15, 2020

My Major Goal.

Hello Everyone, I am a simple girl who belongs to a middle class family. The day I entered my college for a BTech. in Computer Science, I was clear about my goal, placement. Though it […]

May 10, 2020

Higher Powers Surround You.

On the 11th of June, 2017, my boyfriend and I survived a flat fire. A few months prior I had been going through a lot of housing and health complications. That resulted in my manager […]

May 8, 2020

Love Who You Are.

Hello everyone. I had heard about the law of attraction but I never understood it or really believed in it. Growing up I had faced many difficulties with myself, school, family, friends, and relationships. There […]

May 3, 2020

From Down To Up.

Firstly, I cannot possibly exaggerate my gratefulness towards The Secret team for The Secret. A year ago I was a college student living in a town where nothing seemed to happen. My friendships were very […]

Apr 29, 2020

Customized Little Gifts From The Universe.

I want to tell you all about this rather heartwarming surprise I just received from the Universe. It is the Diwali season here in India now. Gifting each other all kinds of sweets and goodies […]

Apr 28, 2020

My Marriage With My Love!

Dear All, Thank you all for the success stories posted on this website. Thank you once again to Rhonda and her team for the most beautiful work. I am a positive thinking girl but when […]