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Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!

The Secret to Teen Power explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager’s point of view.

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Imagination is the creative force of the Universe!

The Power of Henry’s Imagination is a picture story book exploring one of The Secret principles: visualization.

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Whatever dream you are dreaming, KNOW that the Universe wants you to succeed.

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Great health comes from having great thoughts and FEELING great.

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May 27, 2020

Falling In Love With Me.

It’s time to share my story even though I know it’s not over yet. For many years, I lacked confidence and suffered from anxiety and minor depression. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t giving love […]

May 27, 2020

I Am The Creator Of My Life!

Thank you, God. Thank you, Universe, and a big thank you to The Secret team who introduced the law of attraction to me. I had come across a lot of difficulties in my life. My […]

May 27, 2020

Attracted My Dream Job During Covid 19.

I am a professional working in finance. I am a very hard worker and I love my job. However, I had been laid off due to the difficulty that my company faced that was caused […]

May 26, 2020

Consciousness Paves The Way.

I fell in love with an awesome boy. We loved each other deeply but due to negative thinking, we separated, even after that we were great friends. Using The Secret I got a second chance […]

May 25, 2020

My Job Came To Me!

I am now a 29 year old self-assured woman and I live my life knowing that I am always supported by universal intelligence. I had read The Secret when I was in high school and […]

May 25, 2020

Cupcake Story.

My mom makes the lightest, yummiest cakes. I wanted her to get into the baking business but we never took the initiative to do so. The apartment building we were staying at decided to host […]

May 25, 2020

International Job And Dream Salary.

I came from a very humble background where I have watched my parents struggle all through my childhood. I struggled as well in my marriage, especially to make money for myself. I had always wanted […]

May 25, 2020

From Sadness And Financial Despair To Happiness And Abundance!

In 2016, my world crumbled around me. I discovered my husband was cheating, had a second family and was filing for divorce. In despair, I moved back to my parents’ house with my two young […]

May 24, 2020

Just Believe!!

Hello guys!! I sincerely wanted to thank The Secret team for this amazing job, you guys changed my life. Okay, let me tell you what magic happened to me. I was an average student studying […]

May 24, 2020

My Amazing Marriage.

Dear Rhonda Byrne, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m writing to you to tell you my incredible store of how I saved my marriage through The Secret and The Power. I was always having issues […]

May 23, 2020

I Had To Die To Live.

As a child, I knew nothing but the reverse of The Secret. My parents divorced and I was separated from my siblings and father into a new family with an abusive stepfather.  I got a […]

May 22, 2020

GMAT 740 In First Attempt.

This is my second, huge manifestation story. I started preparing for the GMAT exam in 2018. I started visualising my perfect GMAT score of 780 along with my preparations. I prepared only through the books […]

May 22, 2020

LOA Is Real.

Hello Dear Children of Universe , My story is a small one, but it really proves that LOA works. So I was travelling to my brother’s place in Bangalore. My brother stays on third floor, and […]

May 22, 2020

Canceled Learning Series!

This is my third story to share. Every Friday, we have this Learning Series in our company in order for us to learn new things about our business as well as learning what’s new in IT. […]

May 22, 2020

The Law Of Attraction.

Hello Secret Family I just want to thank Rhonda and everyone who shared their stories. I read them every day. My story starts when I was in high school. I was watching The Oprah Winfrey […]

May 21, 2020

It Always Works.

My introduction to The Secret began with a present from my Mother when I was 19 years old in college, the Gratitude Journal. As I began to use the Gratitude Journal before bed, I noticed […]

May 21, 2020

Life Is Amazing!

‘Life is amazing’ has been my WhatsApp status since I began using The Secret. I carried this amazing book around everywhere I went and kept introducing it to hundreds of people. The Secret was introduced […]

May 21, 2020

Miracle Transgender Surgery.

First of all, thank you so much for bringing out the knowledge of the law of attraction that made this miracle in my life. And sorry for my English since it is not my native […]

May 21, 2020

I Won Back Everything That I Lost!

Ever since March 2018, when I first found out about the law of attraction and The Secret, my life has been transformed! I honestly can’t explain what the Universe means to me, it is my […]

May 20, 2020

I Know This Works.

I am 39 years old and discovered The Secret around 2014. I was in a mess with my finances and desperate for another baby to complete our family and to give our only child a […]