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Jun 25, 2018

Asking Once Is Enough.

Hi, Kudos to all the people out here sharing their gratitude and stories with others so that they can keep believing! When I was little I always believed in magic. I knew that a force […]

Jun 21, 2018

Got Into Penang And Pursuing My Dream Job!

Well, I am a dentist by profession. I was clueless about my career path. But I knew two things; I loved to teach and that I wanted to travel and move out of India. I […]

Jun 21, 2018

Failed Exams.

I want to thank Rhonda first for this book, for making it possible for me to live my life to the fullest. I also want to thank my best friend because if it wasn’t for […]

Jun 21, 2018

Persistence Is Key.

Hey everyone who is reading this now! I read many stories here and most of them start with thanking Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team and I am not surprised by that. Having this opportunity […]

Jun 20, 2018

Passed My Grades By Being Happy!

Thank you to The Secret family, for Rhonda and your amazing work and for everyone who posts their stories on this site. It is always a blessing to read and also relate to each and […]

Jun 18, 2018

It Is Going To Come True!

I was introduced to The Secret by a close friend when I was going through a phase of self-doubt, confusion and despair. The moment I started reading The Secret I could see my attitude change. […]

Jun 17, 2018

Golf And Girl!

I want to start my story with how I manifested being on this sports team. Firstly, thank you for The Secret, and all the other books along those lines. I read them daily, and still […]

Jun 16, 2018

A Small Change Goes A Long Way.

I read The Secret when I was in 10th grade. I used The Secret and it helped me a lot to be at peace with myself and to help me in the areas I was […]

Jun 11, 2018

Everything I Wanted In One Month.

This is a story about how I passed my finals in medical school, traveled abroad and wrote my first short story. And I did it all in the same month. This one is for you […]

Jun 10, 2018

Realizing The Secret.

Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am blessed beyond measure, particularly considering the challenges I have overcome in order to fulfill my dreams. I earned my PhD in 2015 and am […]

Jun 9, 2018

How I Attracted The Secret Into My Life.

In 2016 things in my life were not going so well. I was having car trouble, feeling down about myself in my life and at my job as well. I was feeling like I was […]

Jun 8, 2018

My Driver’s License!

The process to get a driver’s license in my country is quite complicated and expensive. After all the mandatory classes, you have to take a theoretical and a practical test. If you fail one of […]

Jun 7, 2018

Thank You So Much!!

I challenged my goal. It was my first time to do something for my goal. I read ‘The Secret’ when I was in my 2 grade of middle school. I applied to the high school […]

Jun 6, 2018

Believe It Firmly!

There are times when we all lose track of our dreams, caught up in the mundane day to day life. But somewhere in our subconsciousness it is still alive. They say that dreams don’t die […]

Jun 4, 2018

Power Of Faith.

I’m studying Engineering at a reputed University. In my final year of study, I was kept busy with placements and interviews so I had a lot less time for studying. Finally my exams came. It started […]

Jun 4, 2018

Getting Into Her Dream College!

My daughter applied to her dream college in New York City. We live in Florida so that is quite a distance and a wonderful possible adventure. Although college acceptance is competitive and she does have […]

Jun 2, 2018

Amazing Life!

I remember when I was sad and angry all the time. I just couldn’t control my emotions back then. I was shy and I had a low self-esteem. I hated my voice, my grades at […]

Jun 2, 2018

Seeing Is Believing!

Seeing is believing! There’s nothing truer than this proverb! If you have to believe something, you ought to see it; so distinctly, so concretely, that you believe it to be real! Which is exactly how The […]

Jun 1, 2018

Dream University!

First of all I want to say a very big thank you to God, the Universe, Rhonda and her team for making me have so much faith in life. After my Bachelors degree I came […]

May 31, 2018

Life And A New Beginning!!!

I read The Secret and The Magic. I tried very hard to apply the concepts but I still kept on failing. I lost a job opportunity to a fresher who is new in this field and […]