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  • Submitted by: Gianfranco
  • Date Posted: Jun 15, 2017
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The Greatness Of Faith.



I live in Italy and am interested in the LOA. I have read many books on the LOA.

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The Greatness Of Faith.

First of all, forgive my bad English. I first read the book “The Secret” in 2007. Since that time I became interested in these kinds of books. Since 2007 there were been many things, both good and not so good, that happened in my life that I can say were are products of the LOA.

But despite the fact that that I knew the LOA since 2007, it took another 5 until I had had really assimilated the principles and started to work with them. The end of 2012 coincided with a bad change in my life. After the pain and tears I decided to think positively, to choose the happiness instead of sadness and to see the good in my life instead of what I thought I missed in my life. That was when something really changed in my life for the better!

Now I know that faith is one of the greatest things in life. To have faith is to feel the think what is already realized. I know now that we have to believe even when things seems to go wrong, to think positively and most of all, act positively. Thank you!

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