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  • Submitted by: Amira
  • Date Posted: Jun 15, 2017
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Happiness Within!



I'm a single mom of a gorgeous 14 year old girl.

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Happiness Within!

I have known The Secret since 2009, and since then life has been magnificent. I felt peace inside that everything will be good and was grateful for everything and anything. I can’t tell you how much this charged my life with positivity and inner peace. I have achieved amazing things, from a home, to car and a wonderful boyfriend. Thank God for everything.

Last month I wanted to quit smoking completely. I started to visualize me having a healthy life free from smoking. I had been trying to quit. I had tried many times but I never could last even a day. I just could not imagine my days without smoking. So I decided to apply The Secret on that one too.

And guess what?!

Now I am one and half months free from smoking!! It was so much easier than I  thought it would be!

Thank God for everything. Thank you Universe. Thank you all on The Secret team for the Treasure of The Secret. Peace, love and happiness to all of you reading this.

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