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  • Date Posted: Jun 15, 2017
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Ask, Believe, You Shall Receive!


San francisco

Full time student.

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Ask, Believe, You Shall Receive!

Thank you so much Rhonda and The Secret team for sharing this magnificent tool that has changed my life.

I have always been a positive person and I’ve always been the one who’s notorious for being “too” nice. I truly believe that I attracted this secret to me through all the positive vibes I send out and I am just so happy. After attracting the book, The Secret, I was just completely indulged with it. Everything about it made sense and I realized I was using it all along. After reading The Secret and The Power, I put it all to the test.

I was going through a rough financial time for awhile and I knew it was because I wasn’t thankful for the money I had. So I bought my ‘gratitude journal’ and every day when I woke and before I slept I would write everything I was thankful for and everything that makes me happy. It truly made me feel so good every day. My thought process completely altered and my energy was even more positive than it already was. I began to write ‘thank you’ on every bill I received and truly meant it. Slowly bills stopped coming in and I started receiving little checks here and there.

This past week my boyfriend and I got the opportunity to vacation in a beautiful resort spa in Cabo and I am so thankful. Before the trip I wasn’t sure how we could even afford it but every day I would write, “Thank you for our Cabo trip”, in my journal. I would visualize us there and sure enough, my visions came to life. We received several checks before our trip that helped a lot. We got to enjoy a beautiful luxurious vacation and we are beyond thankful.

The Secret is beautiful and the life I’m living is everything I could ask for. I am so thankful for this knowledge. . Truly ask, believe and you shall receive.

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