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  • Submitted by: S. Rain
  • Date Posted: Jun 15, 2017
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Manifesting Trip To The Eiffel Tower, Paris.

S. Rain


I am a believer of The Power that's within.

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Manifesting Trip To The Eiffel Tower, Paris.

I first learnt about manifesting and feeling good even before it happens when I read “The Secret” in 2013.
I realized things became easier after I’d learnt to apply it, finding carpark lots, getting help even before I asked for it, ascending and repeated numbers.

About two years ago, I just had the idea that I wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. I didn’t know why and how the thought came to my mind. But it did. It was a big request, I thought. There was no reason to visit Europe, no business trips there, no relatives nor friends there. But I remembered to not worry about how to get there, the Universe would get me there. I just had to feel as if I was there. And so I did.

Everywhere I went, I started to notice people carrying tote bags with the Eiffel Tower imprinted on them. I started to notice the tower on T shirts, mobile phone cases, umbrellas etc. And what did I do? I smiled knowingly, “Yes, this is going to happen. I’ve already visited it and it’s beautiful.” I changed my Whatsapp profile picture to one of the Eiffel Tower and began to read up on French fashion and how to dress like a Parisian. Whenever I could, I’d visualize myself standing in front of the tower with my family, getting a picture taken. Every morning, I’d write a list of what I’m grateful for, I’d say thank you for the steps I’d take, I’d say thank you for every breath I take. I never spoke about my wish to anyone, maybe they’ll laugh at me? Me, such a practical person, building castles in the air. Europe?

I still didn’t know how I was going to make the trip happen. A trip to Europe would cost lots of money, approximately SGD 20,000 for 5 people. It was hard to justify spending that amount to my husband.

Now this is where it starts to get interesting. Last year, my daughter achieved stellar results in her exams and when asked what she wanted as a reward, she told us she wanted to see snow. We don’t get snow in Singapore. I made plans with another friend of mine to go to Hokkaido, Japan and we agreed to bring our families there. We chose Japan because it is a pretty country and it was the more affordable country. I got the kids to read up on the country and we were all excited about it. The trip didn’t happen. Due to certain circumstances, my friend decided not to go to Japan and eventually decided on another destination without telling me. This happened in August 2016. While I was disappointed, I didn’t want to rant and disappoint my daughter.

I told another friend of mine about the fiasco. She advised me to go to Europe instead as the pound had dropped significantly since Brexit had happened. I asked my 11 year old daughter which three countries she’d wanted to go to and she had London and Paris on her list. I couldn’t believe she had Paris, France on her must see country list! I told my husband about it and he seemed keen on the idea as well. We went to a tour agency and they quoted us a price and a packaged itinerary that we were not too crazy about.

We then decided to do it free and easy as it would give us more flexibility. Because of my husband’s busy schedule, planning the itinerary fell on me while I was recovering from the after effects of chemotherapy sessions. What would take months of planning, I put together in less than a month, booking flights, accommodations and the must see attractions. The Eiffel Tower was on the list. We opted for an early November holiday as it would be the low season period for Europe. This was already September 2016 and prices had gone up significantly for a November holiday but we managed to get good deals for London, Paris and Switzerland, the country which would have snow in early November.

It was still not setting in even as we sat in the train bringing us to Paris from London. On our last night, I’d scheduled a visit to the Eiffel Tower so that would be the last memory we’d have of Paris. Believe me, when you have kids, you want to plan, plan and plan an 11 day trip to three different countries. When the Eiffel Tower lights up at 6 pm and twinkles like a million stars for 5 minutes, you feel like the Universe is just giving and giving all the goodness it had to offer! Instead of feeling surprised, I felt a sense of calm and peace, as “it was meant to be. It was supposed to happen.”.

It was there I told my family about my secret wish to visit the Eiffel Tower. The rest of the trip went well and the kids and I got to touch snow for the very first time in our lives at Mount Rigi, Lucerne, Switzerland. A truly magical experience!

I had told myself I’d write in once I’d manifested the trip. Here I am. The next time I’d write in, I will share the good news about my health. Have confidence, know it’s yours because if you wished it, you created it. Keep smiling and believe!

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