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  • Submitted by: Madina R
  • Date Posted: Jun 16, 2017
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My Dreams Came True.

Madina R

Auckland NZ

Hi! My name is Madina and I am from Russia. I am the oldest child in a big family. I am 19. I opened The Secret when I was 15.

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My Dreams Came True.

In 2011, I finished school and I tried to think about what I wanted to do. My dream was to study hospitality in New Zealand.

I failed all my university exams in Moscow. My mum and me started to find a place where I could study. Nobody believed that I would be successful, because I had a problem with the visa, we had not enough money, I didn’t know English etc. But I really wanted to live in Auckland and I found a picture of Auckland at night and put it on my desktop. Every day I saw that picture and thought about that life. I traveled around the streets on on-line maps.

Now it is unbelievable! After 5 months, the embassy gave me the visa and my dad found the money for my studying! Now I am in Auckland and I am absolutely happy, I have not got any problems with language and my skills improve every day. Every night before going to bed, I look through the window and I can see the picture that I had on my desktop and it is awesome.

Thank you!

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