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I Gave $6 And Received $300.

Submitted by: V.

South Florida

I have known about the law of attraction for some time now, still learning about how to get what I want.


Over the course of the past week I had given $6 in tips to wait help in restaurants and coffee shops. Over that same period I received $300 all together in hundred dollar bills. Yesterday, I received two of those hundred dollar bills at separate times. During the week itself, I received the first $100 bill and I never gave a thought as to what I did to receive the money. It did not hit me until today, right after I had deposited the last $200 into my account, that my giving must be why I had received the money.

The moral of the story is that if you want to receive then give but do so without expectation. Let the reward for giving be a surprise and accept it gratefully. I think this is why I had had not received all the other times I gave. I was expecting something from my giving. This time I was giving and not really thinking about how I would be rewarded for it. I was just doing so for the sake of it and being happy that I was.

What all this sums up to is:
1. Give for sake of giving and receive gratefully.
2. Repeat Step 1.

Thank you and blessings to you all!

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