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What Goes Down Must Come Up!

Submitted by: Katie D.

West Indies

I am a strong and virtuous woman who has overcome struggles and has finally made it to where I want to be... true eternal bliss, respect, and love!


One of my greatest if not my greatest blessing is my family. I come from a terrific home where respect, love, and honesty rule our lives, and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet there have been certain things that I have faced in my tender life that my family couldn’t prevent.

I’ve been through all types of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, and mental. For years I kept it away from my family, sharing occasionally with my friends, what I had faced. Eventually I shared my past with my family and received so much support. I did counselling for a short time and I felt emancipated. The one thing that kept me going was inspiring others to move forward from their past and to create a world that was free from negativity! I felt that I had overcome my struggles after I met my current and eternal boyfriend. However, in June of 2008 my uncle was murdered, and life seemed to turn upside down from there!

I fell into a depression. I just wasn’t myself. I cried every single day, I lost so much weight, I questioned every single thing about me, and I began to lose my self-confidence. I was often fearful of turning into negative people who displayed the complete opposite of who I am as an individual mind, body, and soul! I was so scared but I remained strong. I decided to seek counselling and see a psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder. Yikes! Well at least I knew what I was suffering from and that I wasn’t alone!

I decided to try and use The Secret to help me overcome my past! However, I was so petrified of having a negative thought, fearing that it would manifest, but then I realized that the negative thoughts were so weak. So I said to myself, let’s turn this around! If I think of enough positive thoughts I can certainly eradicate all the negativity within me. So that’s just what I did, and I can certainly say that creating my own world was amazing and so much fun!

I imagined myself being free from hatred, from fear, from worry! I replaced those feelings with joy, respect, love, righteousness, and freedom! I would believe – which I still do – that every negative thought was just a positive thought turned inside out, and that positivity was coming from all my thoughts regardless. I forgave myself for having negative thoughts! I even looked into the future where there was a world that we all lived in that was free of hatred, disrespect, and abuse! I imagined myself inspiring others to move forward which inspired me to move forward! I imagined myself being the virtuous and strong woman that I am!

Before I knew it, all of the values, morals, and beliefs that I thought I was losing suddenly came back to me so powerfully that I just began to cry tears of joy! The amount of gratitude that I felt was so amazing! I felt free, alive, and soooo righteously happy!

Now I can say that I love me, I respect me, I am proud of who I am! I am radiating respect, love, righteousness, knowledge, strength, courage, wisdom, joy, and everything positive! I’ve honestly never been so happy in my life, and I love every second of it! I decided to change my thinking pattern and I always say, “What’s the best that can happen?” The universe certainly gave me the best, and now I am free to be the woman God intended me to be!

I just want to let everyone out there know that we can all be who we want to be, we can change our mentality (I asked to have the mentality of a humanitarian, and guess what, I got it, and I got it for good!), we can direct our lives towards greatness, we can all make it! We just need to put in the effort and the universe will take care of the rest! I am a lucky woman and I am struggle-free. Well, I can say that I have mastered applying The Secret! I get exactly what I righteously want just because I want it and I deserve it!

Life is great and I certainly Live the Life I Love and I Love the Life I Live!

I thank everyone who has brought The Secret to myself!

Love Always,

A virtuous woman who made it and is now a righteous survivor, motivator, and a positive and amazing gift to the world eternally!

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