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Is it real? or its my imagination!!!

Submitted by: Mariam Meme

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

I am Mariam from United Arab Emirates. I am Muslim female. I graduated from University 4 months ago, and I got married. I love my life more than anything now. And I hope it will continue like this forever.


Hello everyone,

How are you? I hope you are in good health while you are reading my story.

Years ago, I used you to be a sad person and a freak obsessed thinker who would get upset from any words. I was very, very, very sensitive, and some people or my friends could not stand me. They used to be careful while they are talking to me so that I don’t get upset at what they said.

One day I was watching the Oprah Show, and it was about Oprah book club. She invited three authors, and some of guests talked about The Secret and how it changed their life. I decided to read this book.

I think three months later, I went to Jashenmal bookstore and I bought this great book. I was very happy. It was my first book I bought. I read all night before I went to sleep, when I was in the bus or when I had a break between classes. I wanted to finish it all.

After I read the book, I bought a board from Ikea so I can stick some pictures and some notes. In the past I used to write what I want in a special diary. But after I read the book The Secret I would write them down, and then think positively about them, no doubts. I asked Allah for forgiveness, and I donated some money, which makes me feel better about myself. In my religion, Islam, you first believe that Allah can make all your dreams come true, and ask Allah for what you want and ask for forgiveness, and thank Allah all the time for his blessings I have. To me it’s Allah, not Universe, which make things come true. This is my vision.

I will mention a few of them:

– don’t be upset
– be happy person
– stop thinking about bad things
– be patient
– start living each day and not thinking too much about the past or future
– stay healthy, and have a slim body
– open bank account
– have money
– have a close friend who I can say to her whatever, whenever I want
– have some famous brands bag like GUCCI
– complete my bachelor degree and get in training an “A”
– complete my Master in Human Resource or special education
– be a great person who educate people in the future
– married to someone who loves me
– to live happily with my husband
– have healthy and beautiful kids
– have my own house
– travel around the world
– spending some holidays in Spas and resorts with my husband

… and so many other dreams.

Then I stopped thinking obsessively, and I became optimistic. I have calmed down. I became a funny and lovely person to be with. I got an A in training. I have a close and such a great friend “Äsma”, who came to me in a time that I really needed a friend, and now we are friends from one year and five months ago.

And I got married, to someone who loves me badly, and I love him. I have my own house. And I do spend some time in resorts with my husband.

It was impressive to know that you can get whatever you want. And now whenever I want something, I write down, and stick it on the board, think postively and concentrate on it. And all of them will come to me.

To be honest, what has still not come true is completing my master and traveling all the world, but I believe one day they will come true.

Hope you enjoy my story.

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