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  • Submitted by: S.Priya
  • Date Posted: Jun 16, 2017
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Dreams Come True.



I am 23 years old and working.

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Dreams Come True.

Unlucky. Maybe you are wondering why I have started my story with a negative word unlucky. Yes, you are right, I was unlucky before reading secret. Everything around was a turmoil. My father was always drunk, my mom was bed ridden and sick and my brother was suffering from rare disease which could not be cured. I always felt that I was born to be unlucky, little did I know about The Secret. As a child I always longed for love and care which I never received. All I knew was to take care of my family at the age of 6, but today I am the most happiest girl.

The Secret book was given to me by my friend. Thanks to him I read The Secret and my first wish was for happiness and a strong heart so that I could handle the worst situations. I wished with The Secret that I would never cry any more in my life. I wished for happiness for a long time from in my deeper heart.

The Secret worked very quick, within days! I never had time to play as a child as I always was with mom and my brother. The Secret helped somehow as my cousin’s sister started living with us and was taken care of by my father. That was a gateway for me, thanks to God she helped me more than I hoped for. I had extra time to concentrate on my studies and I scored 87% in 12th!

I wished I could go far from my home and guess what? It worked!! Initially my mom refused but God helped make her better in her health so that she could take care of herself. Then after college I still wanted to go away far for work, and I did. But I lost both my mom and brother.

Still The Secret worked in keeping me strong. Here I would I like to highlight that for every girl her mom is their world. Anybody would be devastated to lose their mom. But for me, The Secret gave me more power and inspiration so that eventually all my sorrows were gone in a balloon.

Today I work in Dubai, my father is married again and we are living happily just as I always wanted.

Thank you!


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