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  • Submitted by: Neeti k.
  • Date Posted: Jun 16, 2017
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Daughter Got Desired Grades And College!

Neeti k.


Housewife, mother of 2 loving children, wife, daughter, sister and daughter-in-law.

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Daughter Got Desired Grades And College!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so happy and thankful to God that I am posting my true story. The story is about my daughter who is a very hard working person. She studied hard in her childhood but maybe she did not know how to study smart. Every year she used to study each and every line of her books for exams but she did not have the right questions for practicing. As a result, sometimes she got good marks, sometimes average and many times below average. I also started working hard with her but the results were more or less the same. In the bargain, she started feeling low about herself.

Then The Secret, The Magic and The Power came into my life. I started practicing the principles of The Secret. I kept explaining this to my other family members and relatives also.

Now the pre boards of class 12th were over. Very little time was left for final exams and her results were more or less same. So I taught her to practice gratitude. And believe me she is such a nice child, whatever I used to tell her, she did. Every morning she wrote gratitude in her journal. She wrote her wish list also. Then she made her mark sheet and wrote the desired numbers in each subject. I also write gratitudes. I also noted down her desired numbers in my top 10 wish list. I wrote down every single detail; she is coming home happily after every exam, she is getting an easy set of question papers, etc.

She gave her board exams and in between she had her entrance exams. We both eliminated thoughts of worry. We replaced them by writing and saying that there is one seat reserved for her in the best college. We both remained happy and positive.

After about 45 days her results came. When we saw her results we started screaming and jumping with happiness. She got grade A+ in 4 subjects and B in 1 subject. Anyway, her best 4 were required for college admission. She got exact what we both had written. She got her highest mark 95%, in her toughest subject which we both had written. She got admission in 4 colleges and we sent her in the best college .

I wrote in my wish list that I would send my daughter’s story on The Secret website and here I am! I am extremely thankful to Ms Rhonda Byrne and all the teachers for sharing this knowledge with us.

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