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  • Submitted by: Kasturi Vaidya
  • Date Posted: Jun 16, 2017
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The Secret Revealed.

Kasturi Vaidya


I am an international student studying Master's in Communication Journalism in Australia.

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The Secret Revealed.

My teacher recommended I read ‘The Secret’. I am not a person who actually likes to read, but I still went ahead and brought the book home. The logo and the name interested me so much that I read the book start to end. I still follow it today and see the results in every step of my life. So I have many stories to narrate.

Grade 10 exams were here and preparations for the test were done. Being an average student, everyone was giving me tips to score better. I was studying with complete dedication and was ready to take the final exam. My confidence was low. So I read ‘The Secret’ and understood the concept of “give it to the Universe, and the Universe gives it back to you.”

I stuck a note on my wall which read “I will score 90%. Thank You!” I just looked at that note daily after waking up and before going to bed. I soon started believing that I would seriously get 90% and worked hard towards my goal. Believe it or not I scored 90.18% in my SSC Board exams in India. The Secret revealed itself that day. My happiness knew no bounds.

Then I decided to follow The Secret every day.  I successfully completed my graduation after that. I got admission into the best university that I wanted from the bottom of my heart. I got a job when I needed one. I completed a Diploma course and a language course. At times I would be scared but then I would simply re read the book, as it always gave me solutions to the issues. All I kept in my mind was that we need to believe that we can do it. That made me succeed in everything that I tried to undertake. During the same period, I got the all of my family into reading and then following The Secret. They too love the book as it is extremely inspiring.

For the Master’s studies it was my dream to go to a foreign country for my get education. I was thinking to get into the June intake in Australian university. The counselors said that it would not be easy to get into the university in June, since I was applying in late March. Other students were already done with their exams and interviews regarding the admission process. I made it clear in my mind that I want to do it. My father said that it would be difficult to support the expenses and then I was worried. It was totally not possible to go to a foreign country without having money.

I did not lose hope. I told my dad that I would at least give an exam and then lets see what can be done. He supported me with my decision. I took up the studies and passed with great marks. I also got admission in Australian University.

It was the time to pay fees. I told my counselor that I could not go ahead with the idea since we did not have money. She suggested that I take an educational loan which I did not want to. I still had not lost hope. I thought to myself that something will happen somewhere, and things will fall in correct place. I believed my dream would come true.

One day I received a call from Australian University saying that they would like to offer me scholarship! I almost jumped with joy. It was totally unbelievable thing that had happened! Everything started seeming beautiful. I thanked God and the Universe for giving me what I wanted.

I realized that if you believe, then anything can happen. We can probably even push the wall with our dedication and faith. Thank you for everything. The Secret has changed my way of life. I attained much more self confidence and now I believe in myself.

Thank you!

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