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  • Submitted by: Sudeshna
  • Date Posted: Mar 17, 2017
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He Is A Dream Come True!



I am a 25 year old girl from North-East India. I completed my B.E. degree in 2014.

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He Is A Dream Come True!


I want to thank Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team for introducing the LOA to me. Now I realize that I have used the LOA unconsciously many times and manifested many good things. Thanks a lot to God and thanks to everyone who made me smile.

This is my very first post here and I know it has been published and you are reading this line now. I came to know about the existence of “The Secret” from a Hindi movie. The heroine was holding this book in her hands in the film and my eyes fell on it right away. In January this year I bought the book out of curiosity. I thought it might be a mystery novel.  Although not being a novel, it impressed me so much and revealed the most incredible secret ever. Recently I have bought the book “The Magic” and I have been reading it and practicing it. I also decided to read The Secret again simultaneously with The Magic. I believe in LOA now and it is all because of these two books and the stories that are shared here. Thanks to all for sharing your stories.

Now I am going to share a perfect example of a miracle brought for me by the LOA. When I was in 9th standard I loved a boy who was my classmate. He was my 1st love. But I was a kind of geeky, serious looking girl and was very shy and reserved. On the other hand, he was the most handsome looking boy in my class and was almost opposite in nature to me. Obviously I thought it was impossible for a boy with such good looks and cool attitude to love a girl like me. I could not express my love to him because of the fear of rejection and my shyness. We went to different colleges to pursue higher studies after passing our High School Leaving Certificate Exam in class 10.

Before joining my new college in the year 2007, I went to a Shiva Temple and prayed wholeheartedly to give him back to me as my lover, as my boyfriend. I dropped a tiny sheet of paper in the holy well inside the temple, writing my wishes on it. Then life went on and I forgot about the wishes. Still somewhere inside me he remained there as a beautiful dream that didn’t come true. I lost all contact with my 1st love after leaving school. We both were living different lives at different places.

Then I went through two heart breaks. My first boyfriend cheated on me and my second boyfriend ditched me. I cried and felt like hell. Once I even thought about committing suicide. Still I managed to get over it somehow by remembering the faces of my loving parents and hoping against hope that something better was waiting for me. Guess what? Then came the miracle!

I was living in a hostel then and was pursuing an Engineering degree course. My roommate had just got into a new relationship and I didn’t know that her boyfriend was a good friend of my 1st love. At that time I was single and as I had broken up with my last boyfriend 6 months before. I still remember that wonderful day vividly. On 8th April 2012, her boyfriend told me that he had mentioned my name while talking to my 1st love. On hearing my name he asked my roommate’s boyfriend for my phone number. Then her boyfriend asked me if he should give him my number or not. Instead, I took my 1st love’s number from him. I felt a zing in my heart hearing this. I was so happy that I can not express it in words.

I contacted him immediately after getting his number. I heard his voice after almost 5 years! He said that I was his 1st love too. I was shocked and obviously very happy that he had also loved me since our school days. Now I am 25 and he is my boyfriend. We have completed four and a half years of togetherness. If that is not a miracle then what is?.

Thank you so much God for listening to my prayers that day and bringing him back into my life so magically. Thank you to Rhonda and The Secret team for publishing my story and thank you readers for reading this long story. Thanks a lot!

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