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  • Date Posted: Mar 16, 2017
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I Am Finally A Driver!

kuda m


Single mum, working and studying full time.

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I Am Finally A Driver!

I want to thank the Universe for bringing such freedom into my life through the teachings of The Secret. I have been a fearful, anxious, person focused on lack and failure for many years. I first learnt about The Secret on the Oprah show in 2006, it was as if I got a glimpse of what life was meant to be like.

I tried to live my life according to the principles but the worries of life drowned the wisdom out.
Fast forward to January 2016 when after over 10 years of trying to get my driver’s licence and failing multiple times, I was desperate and on the verge of giving up. I was tired of the cycle of giving up and coming back and I just felt like I wanted it to be over.

I started watching The Secret video again and I practiced gratitude and visualized myself passing the test.

On January 16 I went for my road test and during the test I kept affirming to myself that I could do it. I made some minor mistakes but overall I passed!

It was such a wonderful feeling, it gave me the motivation I needed to go for other things that I thought I could not do.

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