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Oct 13, 2019

Don’t Give Up!

Do not give up as it often happens right when you need it but least expect it! For quite some time, even before I was aware of what I was deliberately creating, I had been […]

Oct 12, 2019

Never Lose Faith!

Thank you so much for The Secret and all of the joy and hope it brings to us. A few years ago I was introduced to The Secret through a friend and it changed my […]

Oct 12, 2019

Don’t Give Up, It’s Coming.

To whoever is reading this, I want you to not give up! Keep on going, that car you want is coming, that situation you want to change is changing, the world is your oyster. Remember […]

Oct 11, 2019

Manifesting A Huge Sum Of Money.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Universe. Thank you to all who brought in out the knowledge of The Secret and the Universe in my life. I had manifested an unimaginable amount of money during my […]

Oct 11, 2019

A Huge Discount!

Thanks to Rhonda mam and everyone who shared their stories here and always made me believe that there is a universe who is taking care of us. Actually, this is my first story and I […]

Oct 11, 2019


Hello! I had recently written another story about how I manifested money into my life. I had manifested $500 and now I’m writing about how I manifested $600 into my life. The way I did […]

Oct 11, 2019

The Key Ring.

Three years ago I bought myself my first car. I now know for sure that I did it using the law of attraction. My family was moving house and with the new location, it would […]

Oct 11, 2019

Have Faith, Work Hard And Relax!

I am a private school owner and I ventured into this business about five years ago. My story focuses on a miracle the Universe brought to me so easily! There are several examinations bodies both […]

Oct 10, 2019

Ask And You Will Receive Every Time!

Firstly I would like to thank Rhonda and all her team for showing me there is a way to have the life of your dreams. I always knew there was and this is the proof. […]

Oct 9, 2019

Winning A Jackpot!

First of all, I want to say how I am grateful to Rhonda Byrne, her team and all of the members of The Secret project for the treasure they gave to people! It is the […]

Oct 7, 2019

From Poor, Broke Toilet Cleaner To Financially Free World Traveler.

I grew up in a very poor family of 7 sisters. My earliest memories are ones where my parents were arguing about money and finances. Me and my six sisters, before my youngest sister was born, all […]

Oct 6, 2019

Magic Letter.

On 08-21-2014, my 5 year old son had been asking to go to a particular vacation destination as a family. However, the financial and time off from work situation at that moment, did not present […]

Oct 5, 2019

Little Things.

I have just recently started experiencing the wonders of The Secret. A few little things have happened that I am truly convinced are from the power of The Secret. I am blessed with everything I […]

Oct 4, 2019

Law Of Attraction And Money.

One day my purse was empty and I need to buy something so I said in myself that I just need 500 SP. Then a few minutes later I opened my purse again and I […]

Oct 4, 2019

Secret Savior.

I had been struggling to get out of an abusive marriage that I was in for ten years. My ex then persisted and put me in so much debt that I thought I’d lose my […]

Oct 3, 2019

Free Furniture Pieces And YouTube Channel Revenues.

I discovered the law of attraction sometime in April, and in June of the same year, I asked for a brand new sofa set. I wanted to have one before the year ended, that would […]

Oct 3, 2019

Enormous Financial Blessing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Tonight I was just blessed with a jackpot win! With this, I will start my business and start a foundation and a nursery in Ghana. I will share the winnings with […]

Oct 1, 2019

Overnight Miracle!

I wrote down some goals in the past tense and one of them was that I found a job. The next day I searched for jobs and I applied to a few of them. I […]

Sep 30, 2019

Manifested My House.

I have been on my own since the age of 18 when I moved out of my parents house. I was not taught to think logically and consider my future in the right manner. I […]

Sep 30, 2019

How I Manifested An SUV!!!

All summer I had been searching for a car. I did not really know how I was going to afford it and it was beginning to stress me out a bit. I loved my old, […]