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  • Submitted by: Franco C.
  • Date Posted: Jun 19, 2017
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Worked From Day One!

Franco C.

London, England

16 year old student aspiring to become a film director!

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Worked From Day One!

I’ve always been a happy guy. I have a great family, I have amazing friends, I go to a good school and I always got good grades. However, I was never too confident of myself and had negative thoughts quite often. I really wanted a change. I knew that life was amazing but I needed a system to make sure I was always positive.

One day during the Christmas holidays I was looking for a film to rent online and I stumbled upon The Secret film. I had heard of it before but I’d never had the time or the interest to watch it. Since I had nothing to do that day I decided to give it a go and watch the entire film.

That film opened my eyes! I couldn’t believe how blinded I had been to the law of attraction! The whole thing about positive attracting positive and negative attracting negative really made sense! The greatest thing about it was that it can apply to anybody. It doesn’t matter what religion or ethnicity you belong to.

So I decided to use the creative process as soon as I finished watching the film. Because I really enjoyed the film I really wanted to get the book as soon as possible. I closed my eyes and I visualized myself holding the book in my hands and reading it with incredible passion. That entire day I felt as if I already had the book on me.

When my mum got home from work, the first thing I did was tell her about The Secret film and about how the law of attraction could change our lives! At that point she ran into her room without saying a word and when she came back downstairs she had the book in her hand!

“My friend gave it to me a few months back but I never had the chance to read it” she said to me. I was completely blanked. I had witnessed proof of this incredible law on my first go!

I hope this gives you enough proof to show that the law is not a joke. It can work for anybody, it doesn’t matter who you are! I really can not wait to use this for the rest of my life because as far as I know, my life has just begun.

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