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  • Date Posted: Jun 19, 2017
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I Have Always Known.


Mallorca, Spain

A very positive 34 year old woman with absolute faith in love and in life!!!

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I Have Always Known.

First of all, I want to say thank you to Rhonda, The Secret Team, to the Universe and why not, to me too, for guiding me to find all the answers to my questions!

After reading The Secret and The Power thousands of times, I have found the answer to the fact that I have always known there was something more. Something special, something that made sense in another frequency, but until now I didn’t know how to reach it! My life is now so special! Thank you!!!

I have had many experiences and stories with the LOA, but this one is the best up to now. I never liked flying. I was scared of going in a plane, despite that I have flown many times. I always did it with someone or even with a pill, sweating and praying!!! I love travelling with my husband, friends, my children, but not alone. Until last month. Now that I use The Secret everything has changed.

Last month, a couple of friends who live in the UK asked me to get a ticket to London and meet them there for the weekend. In that moment I knew I had a choice. Yes and have fun and attack my flying fear, or say no, and loose an opportunity. So I decided to say yes! So I arranged everything, got my ticket for a weekend to London and started preparing my little trip.

I used The Secret. I sat down, imagined myself flying, enjoying the flight and landing. I used many little tricks in my imagination. Talking to people, smelling the food in the plane, looking through the window and feeling that I was so lucky to make this trip!

The day arrived. I always used lovely words for my trip, people who knew me kept asking. Are you nervous? Scared? Are you sure alone? No pills or husband? I kept answering no thank you, I am happy and the flight is fantastic! I believed that this was real and so it was. In the airport and in the plane I kept thanking for everything, loving, feeling my luck and my power.

In the plane something magic happened to me. Once we were up in the air, I decided to look through the window with the same eyes that my son of six would do, like a child. I saw so many wonders, so much love. The clouds were amazing, the mountains full of snow underneath the plane, the sky so bright. I suddenly felt so lucky to be flying to another country to see my friends, to live a lovely trip, to being able to fly alone. So much love that I started feeling tears in my eyes. I said thank you in my heart.

I have attacked one of my fears through love and I am so proud of this. One magic thing is that I use a star as my love symbol. Every time I feel love and protection I see a star somewhere. On the plane, when I was saying thank you with tears in my eyes, I turned round and the lady next to me was wearing a lovely scarf with beautiful stars on it!!

Thank you for listening to my story! I feel great and I wish you all the same. xxx

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