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  • Date Posted: Mar 19, 2017
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A Wonderful Meeting That Blew My Mind!



I am from Germany and I have just finished my Bachelor 's degree in English Literature and Culture and in Political Sciences. I love creative writing, making music, photography and practicing all kinds of sports. My biggest wish would be to see my book Traumfänger published by the Fischer Verlag.

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A Wonderful Meeting That Blew My Mind!

There are these moments that, just in the matter of a second or two, change your whole life. Incidents that can really transform you and take you to an entirely different level of existence by changing your outlook on literally everything. This story is about three such moments, moments that are linked together in a truly magnificent way, moments that really proved for me that everything they say in The Secret is true.

One day, when I was just six years old, I came into the living room to find my parents huddled against each other on the sofa, watching a DVD they had bought the previous day. The instant I walked into the room with it’s lowered window shades, I felt a huge wave of energy go through my whole body, and somehow I knew I had just experienced something that would change my life forever.

You see, what happened was that my parents watched a recording of the Corrs’ performance at the Royal Albert Hall. The moment I heard their music and saw them perform with such passion I was literally blown away. Since then, there hasn’t been a single day I didn’t dream about how it would be to meet them, and hardly a day that I didn’t listen to their music. It is because of them that I first started to learn English, because of them that I discovered my passion for music and literature, because of them that I started learning to play the piano, and because of them that I decided I wanted to become an author. An author who would do readings and shows that would make people feel so happy and so inspired, as they had made me feel.

For ten long years, the band didn’t perform nor produce another album. But I always knew that one day I would get to thank them for everything they had done for me, for the way they had helped me through some very difficult times in my life, even without knowing me.

In 2015, they finally announced their comeback and I was the happiest girl in the world. I went to see them at several gigs and I was super grateful that I was able to do all these wonderful things. Each concert was absolutely wonderful! Those memories will be engraved in my mind for eternity. And still one thing was missing: I wanted to meet them so much! Desperate as I was, I started to research for ways to make a big dream like that come true. That was when I found The Secret!!!! What Rhonda wrote in her books instantly clicked with me and I knew that this was going to be the way I could make my dream a reality.

I tried very hard to feel as happy as I could. I started to visualize how I would meet them. Every time I played one of their songs on the piano I imagined that I was really playing to them, playing to Andrea whom I had come to adore so much. You know, when something a person does affects you, changes you, touches you, inspires you, and you find solace in it, the person somehow becomes part of your being. Every time I saw a picture of someone who actually got to meet them I felt very happy for them. I would always congratulate them and tell them that I hoped these meetings would give them strength for whatever they wanted to do with their lives. But even though I applied for dozens of competitions where one could win meet and greet tickets, it just didn’t happen for me.

A week before I was going to fly over to Belfast to see them for the last gig of the new tour, I missed another three or four chances to win a meet and greet. Somehow I got totally disappointed and felt that I had to give this dream up because it was taking up so much of my energy. I decided to forget about this dream and to just be grateful for their music and their concerts and the way they inspired me from afar.

And then the amazing thing happened. I did not meet them at the concert, though I had a wonderful time there, celebrating with all the other fans. But then the next day I had to get back to Germany. I just had a short stroll through Belfast before getting to the airport. I missed one bus (thank God I did), waited for half an hour at the station, and then finally made it to the airport check in counter. And just as I was standing in the queue, I looked to the right to see Sharon Corr striding along next to me through the priority lane! She even said hi to me, having recognized me from all the times I had seen them at various places! It totally blew my mind! And then I also saw Andrea, and just when I had checked in, she went to the store to buy a newspaper and I moved over to talk to her!!!

Turns out I was actually on the same flight as her and Sharon! I talked to Andrea twice that day and she even thanked me for all the comments I had written on Instagram! It totally blew me away. She was the first person I have met that I instantly trusted with my whole heart. And she really made me feel like someone special! I don’t know how to describe just how incredibly happy I was to meet her after all the years, but I am absolutely grateful for the Universe to have made it happen for me! That was such a totally improbable coincidence and it really has shown me that the law of attraction is true. That everything Rhonda had written in “Hero” was absolutely real.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for Rhonda, the Corrs, God and the Universe for this truly amazing experience! Never ever will I forget this wonderful moment, these wonderful things that happened to me!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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