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  • Date Posted: Mar 19, 2017
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How My Life Turned Blissful With One Thought!!



I am a simple girl who believes in following my dreams.

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How My Life Turned Blissful With One Thought!!

Hi everyone! I am very happy to share my story.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to Rhonda for revealing The Secret to the world. I am a simple girl from India. Now I am doing my final year in high school.

My mom gifted me The Magic book during my vacation. In the beginning I didn’t give much importance to it. I did not adapt well in my school. I just couldn’t accept my changed atmosphere and I started to hate every thing in my life . Then I found my copy of The Magic book in my book shelf. Something in my mind got attracted to the front hard cover of the book. I opened the book and I found a note written in it by my mom. It read “Hope with this you will overcome all the obstacles of life.”. I was surprised. I started to read the book and my life started to transform!

I started to feel so positive and I started to get nice friends in my new school. My exam scores went up and I felt so grateful for everything in my life.

Recently my school management announced that a screening test would be conducted to select students for medical coaching. To become a doctor is the biggest wish of my life . But the management team announced that only the top 600 students will be selected from all the candidates. That’s a huge competition. I had only 1 and a half days for preparation. Again, I practiced The Magic. I kept visualizing my name on the selected list.

Yesterday our vice principal came to our class and he read out my name on the selected list!! That was totally amazing, I got selected for medical coaching!!!!!!!!! Now I am one among the top 600 students of my school! Thank you Universe!

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