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If You Think You Will Win Or Lose, You Will!

Submitted by: Abhi

Gwalior, India

My name is Abhishek Sharma and I am forest range officer in India. My work is to stop encroachment on forest land and conservation of the biodiversity in the forest area.


Hello, my name is Abhishek Sharma and I am from India. A beautiful country where culture and religion is in your veins. I am not a blind believer of God but I know that there is a powerful thing in this Universe and after watching The Secret movie, my conclusion has become stronger. This story will inspire you not only for winning in literally any situation but you will come to know that whatever you think is going to happen, will happen. This story will help you to know to keep your thoughts on the positive only.

This happened to me when I was in a forest training program. In “Special Task Force” camp, we had a gun firing competition. The person who fired the most accurate shots would be the winner. Each contestant had 15 shots. I started dreaming about winning win the competition and I start to give gratitude to the Universe.

As my serial number was 1, I had to go fire the first shot. On my first shot my score was 6/10, almost missing the outer target. It was the lowest ever. My friend’s was serial number 2 and got a 9/10,  just close to bull’s eye. I started losing confidence but then I came to remind myself about The Secret. I was just visualising the final outcome. I closed my eyes and then visualised the result after 15 shots. I visualized myself as a winner and the topper.

The first round came to an end and I scored 42/50 and I was in the 15th position out of 29 contestants. While on the break, I keep visualising that I was going to the top.

In the second round, I scored 44/50. The guy having the serial number of 2 scored 46/50 consecutively in this round too. that was when my rank was 7th but the gap between me and the topper was 6 points. If he scored more than 44/50 in the 3rd round, then automatically I would be disqualified because in that case I would have to score more than 50. But how can you score 51/50. He already scored 46 and 46 but I didn’t think bad for him. I just wanted to be the topper.

After having my lunch, I started visualising and being thankful to the Universe and I started saying “Thank you Universe for making me the topper of the gun firing competition.”.

The 3rd round started with different guns and I scored 45/50. But the most important part was that serial number 2 got only 39/50 and we both became topper with a score of 131/150. There were 4 people who scored the same but I got 5 maximum bull’s eyes. That was the best feeling of all. From being on the bottom from that first shot, all the way to the top in the final result. The Secret worked instantaneously. But wait! This was not end.

One of my friends said as a joke, “You are the topper but you will never get a trophy” and I took that seriously! I started to feel like I had lost the trophy, I just could not visualize the trophy in my hand and here is where The Secret really came in. The Universe always says ” Your wish is my command”. And it actually happened! Even after having the highest score, even after being the most consistent among all the toppers, even after the numbers of bull’s eyes, I lost the trophy because of grouping of shots. That was  destined but that was what I attracted. I was scared of not getting a trophy and it happened!.

We know that our fear gives power to what we don’t want so please think positive in any situation. Whatever you want will happen so make sure to think good thoughts and feel gratitude because it always works.

So The Secret worked for me and it is still working for all of us. So be happy and cheerful always. Thank you Rhonda Byrne. Thank you Universe. Thank you for The Secret. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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