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  • Date Posted: Aug 16, 2017
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The Universe Is Willing If You Are.



Radiating love.

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The Universe Is Willing If You Are.

To counter all feelings of impatience and doubt in the creation process, I’ve decided to encourage you all with a story. A heartbreak a few days ago made me reassess myself. I had caused this negativity. I let go, forgave myself and turned to my long neglected knowledge of The Secret. I just chose to be happy, and unlike before, it felt more natural and real this time. I believe that’s because after I expressed my intentions, I chose happiness within myself, for myself, telling myself that the outcome is not my concern anymore.

Well in the 2 days since I started to be positive, money has come to me thrice, free food and free rides home have been abundant and I have learned to forgive and love myself just as I am. This last bit is important because it’s how you genuinely love yourself in a healthy way that will be the measure of how things and people will be attracted to your life.

The default mode of the Universe is that it loves and yearns to spoil you. This entails that after expressing your intentions and committing to be happy, you do not have to try too hard for the good things to manifest. They just necessarily will. Even when the facts seem damning and the truth unbearable, believe that everything is working for you.

I love you all very much.

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