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  • Submitted by: Ramneek
  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2017
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Behave As If You Received.


New Delhi

A believer who loves to spread happiness.

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Behave As If You Received.

Hi All,

First I would like to begin by thanking you all and everybody. All of you are responsible for making my life beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

I have gone through this beautiful book years back in 2009. I was in love with someone and I thought of trying The Secret to get him.

I guess it happens with everybody. That you want something so desperately that you keep worrying about it. Though I have manifested so many things in my life, that yearning to get that love still was unfulfilled.

Finally I had left all desire to get him. I was happy in my life, inspiring lots of people to read the book and change their lives. That love never came my way but I still believed in The Secret.

Time passed, years passed, it was 2013 and my parents were thinking for me to get married. I thought that this time around I will. And I will attract him, my soul mate who also waited for me. I visualized him, every small thing that I wanted and thanked God for it. I acted as if I got him. I just thanked God again and again. And no points for guessing.

He found me!

I feel myself as the most blessed child of God. I thank God for the most beautiful person my husband is, both inside and out. I am thankful he respects women and my parents. I am thankful that he is rich, funny, intelligent and broadminded. He is someone from a love story book that you think does not exist, but he does! It is more than I ever wanted. It is like playing. You just need to believe and be thankful for it. Thank you for sending me my love.

For all you lovely creatures. Just believe and receive. Now I want to inspire all to have faith and to spread the happiness that I possess.

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