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The path to great things

Submitted by: Elvis M

Windhoek, Namibia

Born in 1984, journalist for a monthly magazine, male, no children, single. Love traveling and meeting new people.


I am a young African male, and I got the movie of The Secret from a friend without knowing it. He sent me a lot of movies for my new laptop and when I got home I saw it. I decided to watch the movie at night when I would not be disturbed. Viewing the movie scene to scene I discovered The Secret and I started to apply accordingly.

Before I watched the movie my life was full of name-calling and stress. I was so concerned what people thought of me and I always ended up with them calling me those names I did not want them to. A few days after watching the movie I learned that I must not think about what I don’t want, but what I want. Since that day my perspective of people changed, and so has the reception I get from them. I now don’t stress about what people would think of me, I only think about them thinking the best of me.

Today is exactly 5 days after watching the movie, and I am stress-free, even at work I don’t stress. My boss used to yell at me and call me names and that really made me feel useless and stupid. Now I don’t mind what he says even though to some degree he has stopped, because I only allow my mind to think about what I want – and that is a good life. Even though I don’t make much I want a house, a car, a farm, and to publish my books.

My life is better as every day I wake up with a smile and only think about what makes me happy, and my house, farm, car, and the books I will publish. I have adapted a policy that if it does not make me feel good I won’t think about it.
I have a certain song on my mobile phone that I always listen to if something should disturb my spirit. I am calm all the times and enjoy myself very much after the movie. Yesterday I had my friends from the US visit me, we went out for supper and they promised to assist me in any way to achieve my goals.

I have been personally looking forward to a new job so that I can get enough time to finish my first book, but I believe that and know that it will come.

I have so much hope now even though not much has changed; I feel it within myself that it will change. Money is coming to me in ways I never expected, I am short of nothing so far, and I know that this is just the beginning of the path to great things.

Thanks for sharing The Secret.

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