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  • Submitted by: Mykel O
  • Date Posted: Mar 19, 2017
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The Parrot.

Mykel O

I am 47 year old who used to live in Thailand and now I am back in the UK.

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The Parrot.

I had been reading The Secret for a while and I always believed in what I read, so I thought I would try it out. I read about visualization and thought about how this could work. At the time I lived in Thailand and was thinking what I could I visualize. I racked my brain about what sort of bizarre thing I could think about to manifest.

After a while I thought, OK, I live in a tropical climate. I saw many birds flying around and suddenly I thought that I wanted to see a parrot! It was the most bizarre bird I could think of. I knew you could see them in the zoos here, but not anywhere else. So as I was walking home, I was thinking parrot, I want to see a parrot.

Well during the walk home I was starting to think that this was never gonna happen, it was just too bizarre. But, I carried on thinking about the parrot, anyway. I had walked for about 30 minutes and I had not seen anything. I then turned onto a small road which lead me back to my apartment.

Still thinking about the parrot, I was not giving up. Then I got half way to the top of the road and to my surprise, I saw a lady riding a moped with, guess what?!!

A parrot on her shoulder!! A big blue one with colored tail feathers. All I could do was smile a big smile and say thank you.

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