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  • Date Posted: Mar 17, 2017
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The Magic Cheque.



32 year old female who comes from Botswana, but currently resides in South Africa. I have a 7 year old son who completely rocks my world!!

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The Magic Cheque.

Thank you Rhonda and team for this opportunity to share the miracles that I have been experiencing in my life since my magical encounter with The Secret.

I read The Secret many years ago and have been practicing it every day of my life since. The current job I have, I got through the use of The Secret by being thankful, believing and experiencing being in the job every day until it manifested. The school my son is currently in, which is very difficult to get into, constantly I get asked “How did you guys manage to get into that school?”. The car I drive, the home I now own 2 km from the beach, the list is endless, I could go on all day listing all that I have attracted through The Secret.

But one thing that I believe is so profound and that just happened recently is The Secret Cheque, which I downloaded less than a month ago. Every day I have been writing out a cheque to myself and believing the money is headed my way. Since then it has changed my view of money. I constantly feel like I have it in abundance and the more I feel this, the more of it I receive. To date I’ve had tax returns paid out to me, and attorneys contacting me saying they owe me a refund on the transfer on my property. Also the bank now just recently told me that my bond repayments will only transact 2 months from now, which gives me a 2 month grace period of rental payments.

Now my thoughts around money are no longer me constantly thinking I have a lack of it, but rather writing out cheques to myself every morning and believing that the money is coming. Since my thoughts and view on money has changed, I find myself receiving money from magical places.

It works, it is magical, it is mind blowing! It is my secret that I choose to share with you! Try it out for yourself!




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