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  • Submitted by: Alyssa Delaplaine
  • Date Posted: Mar 17, 2017
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Diamond In The Rough.

Alyssa Delaplaine

I am going to school full-time and working part time at Verizon Wireless!

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Diamond In The Rough.

It all began back when I was in middle school and my mom at the time was using drugs. But despite that, we came to an agreement on a book that we had discovered and called The Secret. Life is not always easy when you have a parent that is taken over by drugs but thankfully through reading The Secret my mom was able to rise up and be a different person. The Secret helped my mom gain confidence in knowing that anything she wants to do she can do and it also taught her positivity and the wonderful things that it can bring to someone’s life. It’s helped my mom tremendously in the healing process of whatever it is she’s going through at the time. It instilled faith, deeply into her heart which led to her sobering up and being the amazing person we all know she is.

But it doesn’t end there. Through my mom’s healing I was taking a liking to this book as well and I have manifested wonderful things in my life with this book, like jobs at Verizon and being able to go to school without any student loans. But what most importantly came from this book is a very deep and loving relationship that my mother and I share now. Through the drugs and through the drama of our lives, The Secret stepped in and introduced us to a new world. We were introduced to positivity, light, knowledge, and radiance, but most importantly we are self enriched by the ways of the book. And for that we are grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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