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  • Submitted by: Tamika T.
  • Date Posted: Jun 18, 2017
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The Feelings Of The Secret.

Tamika T.

Washington, DC

While attending college a professor introduced me to The Secret. I was immediately captivated by it's message and simplicity. Initially, I could not believe that the simple teachings would actually change my life and attitude.

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The Feelings Of The Secret.

The Secret has changed my life, oh what a feeling! The Secret has taught me how to fall in love with myself, my body, and the person within. This has helped me to believe that I deserve all the happiness and every good gift there is. I deserve my new job, promotion, peaceful working relationships with co-workers, my perfect partner and husband, my friends, good health, my children and family. This has been a wonderful, long journey of self discovery for me. I am work in progress and loving it. I finally, see my true beauty from the inside out and I love it!

Since practicing The Secret, I have received my new job, a promotion within the new job, the house of my dreams and weight loss. Oh how I love my new body and all the progress made to reach my goal. Best of all I have gotten inner happiness and all of it by focusing on my wants, dreams and desires.

I realized that my past full of negative thoughts and beliefs had stunted my growth for happiness and my perfect life. My beliefs of self-worthiness, depression, feelings of not being loved and not trusting others developed during childhood. These thoughts and perceptions were told to me by people who I thought wanted the best for me. However, I have learned that not everyone who appears on the surface to have my best interest at heart really does have my best interest at heart. I have learned that it is OK to be me, just the way I am. I am perfect! At times these negative feelings pop up but they never lasts for long! I now have The Secret! Bye-bye negative thoughts and feelings! I deserve every good gift. I am love, I am joy, I am confident, and I am powerful.

To my Secret family, keep up the good work! You deserve happiness, you deserve your perfect partner, you deserve that new job, you deserve your dream house, you deserve your happy family, you deserve anything and everything you want! Today I am so overjoyed by The Secret and it’s wonderful teachings on how to overcome negative situations, attitudes and circumstances by focusing on my wants and desires.

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