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  • Submitted by: Mario B
  • Date Posted: Jun 17, 2017
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Finally The Yellow Lamborghini!

Mario B


Husband. Father of 3 and one dog.

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Finally The Yellow Lamborghini!

Thank you all who come to this site and write your stories. Also a big thanks to Rhonda and her team.

Here’s my story. I have manifested seeing a yellow bird, 2 blue birds and butterflies. Those seem to come easy for me. Then I went for a Lamborghini. I talked to my wife about it and said that we will both see it. I got frustrated a few times noticing that I was not noticing it, which of course I had to change quickly. I smiled telling myself while smiling that I remember when I used to get frustrated but now I know that all good things always come. I did keep thinking about the feeling of seeing it and experiencing it with my wife. Just brief thoughts lasting a 4 to 5 seconds. Anyway, it took 3 1/2 weeks for it to happen and I somehow missed it!!! Scratch those last two words because I used Neille Goddard’s “pruning shears of revision” to bring about a magnificent outcome.

This Saturday we were at my son’s football scrimmage when a yell came from a teenage boy sitting next to my wife and pointing. ” Yellow Lamborghini, Yellow Lamborghini!!! My wife saw it but I unfortunately did not lift my eyes up to catch it. I was caught up in some not so good feelings, thinking about my son’s scrimmage. I consider this a manifestation because a valuable lesson was learned that day. Stay detached, be aware of life’s gifts because sometimes they go streaking by, literally right in front of you.

Anyway, I relived that experience giving it a magnificent outcome and I hope my story reminds you that if you’re not feeling good vibes, stay detached yet remain aware. Oh, and thank you to the Universe for the Yellow Lamborghini!!

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