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  • Date Posted: Jun 7, 2017
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Saved From Suicide.



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Saved From Suicide.

I remember very clearly the tears in my Mother’s eyes when she related her experience to me. I thought that this should be shared with the whole world.

She came across a doctor who was working with the ST Vincent de Paul society that helps poor children. My Mum secretly gave her 3000 INR asking her to give clothes to a poor family. Specifically, a wife who was left by her husband and her two young daughters, as they had no source of income. The next week the doctor met my mother and related the incident with tears rolling down her eyes.

She went to the children’s’ school to meet their mother and give her the money. But she didn’t arrive. So she gave the money to her neighbor who had come to drop the children at school. After two days she went to visit the family. That is when the mother told her that she had sent her daughters to school with her neighbor so she could commit suicide alone. The family had not eaten for 4 days and were surviving only on water. She was hoping that her daughters would get good lives in some orphanage if she died. She was just about to hang herself when her neighbor arrived at her place with money.

My mother never met the family. She doesn’t know anything about them. The 3000 INR was her secret savings for a rough day. She still doesn’t know what made her give away that money. It’s possible that the daughters or mother might have had hope and faith. God provides! He saved a family from death and destruction. The Universe provides!

Thank you!

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