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  • Date Posted: Jun 7, 2017
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Journey To Get Myself Back.



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Journey To Get Myself Back.

2016 is a year that I’ll never forget. So many things happened that turned me upside down. It all started at the beginning of this year, when my boyfriend of 2.5 years broke up with me. He told me that he can’t see any future in our relationship so it would be better to break up. And the worse part was that only one month after the break up, he had a new girl friend. I was devastated. I tried many things to get back together but nothing works. All the things I did only made the situation worse.

In my darkest hours, a friend told me about The Secret. She told me to watch the movie and read The Secret stories on the website. At first I refused, but later I watched the movie, read all three books and regularly read The Secret stories on the website. It helped me a lot. I started to get myself back, treat myself, exercise and improve my appearance. I also started to hangout with friends, watched concerts, and went for a holiday. But still, in my heart, I want to get back together with him. I tried so hard to use The Secret to get him back. We started talking and chatting again. But we never got back together as I wished.

One day I went to a friend’s wedding in another city, and I met someone new. I knew this guy for a long time. We were at the same college and he works at my previous company but we never introduced ourselves to each other. From his appearance, he was not my type but somehow I was interested with him and his character. Unintentionally, some of my friends also tried to match me up with him. He was a nice guy and I knew he liked me too. I wished to be his girlfriend, but the progress wasn’t as fast as I wished. I tried many things to get closer with him but at one point I gave up and just went with the flow.

At the same time, I achieved some of my goals in my life such as a promotion at work, traveling more, bought a ticket to Europe, getting healthier and having many new friends and close friends. As time went by, me and that guy became closer to each other. Turned out we liked the same things. We found many similarity and we got closer and closer each day. I just realized that he is exactly the perfect guy for me who has all the qualities that I wanted in a partner.

One day the Universe made us have a holiday in the same city “unintentionally”. We had a good time together. Travelling, strolling around the city, eating good food and hanging out together. Then one night he told me about his feelings for me. He told me he likes me a lot and was thinking about being in a relationship with me. I told him how I also have the same feeling with him. And since then we have become a couple.

I was so grateful for my life. This year was amazing. All my sadness and tears at the beginning of the year changed into happiness and laughter. Not only did I get a new love but I also got myself back. I became the person that I always wanted to be. It was a journey to get myself back. And now I’m standing here as a new me, someone who has so much abundance in life. I achieve all my goals. Thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you to The Secret!

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