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From Poor, Broke Toilet Cleaner To Financially Free World Traveler.

Submitted by: SARAHXFAITH

Maui, HI

I am an entrepreneur who grew up in a very poor family of 7 sisters. I own 3 online businesses and teach others how to create more freedom and wealth in their lives. I am 26 years young and currently traveling the world.


I grew up in a very poor family of 7 sisters. My earliest memories are ones where my parents were arguing about money and finances. Me and my six sisters, before my youngest sister was born, all shared one bedroom growing up where there was hardly any privacy. I thought that all families were like ours, having very little.

But as I got older and started becoming more social, I realized that our family was very different than most. We were poor. That was that. My family was very religious growing up and I was taught that money was this deep, dark, evil thing that made you “bad”. I thought I don’t want to be bad so maybe it was better to be poor.

However, growing up with very little caused so much stress in my family and my personal life. I couldn’t buy basic things like deodorant. I remember I started babysitting and my parents would borrow money from me because they needed it, promising to pay me back. However, that never happened.

I figured that wealth and money just weren’t in the cards for me and that God had made me poor. I started to hate wealthy people, and kids who grew up with more money than I ever had. Over the years, I started to hate money itself and yet never wondered why I was always broke and in debt and living paycheck to paycheck.

I hate to admit it, but when I was younger I would steal food from a couple of stores just because I couldn’t make ends meet. I knew it was wrong but I thought that stealing would get me ahead of everyone else. As an adult, I got a job cleaning houses and toilets for rich people in their million-dollar houses.

Over the years I started to accept the fact that I would never be wealthy and would always live a poor life. Until…

My boyfriend at the time said that he rented a movie called “The Secret”. I had heard of the movie in the past, but never thought to watch it. We sat there and I remember when Bob Proctor said, “You’re probably wondering… what is The Secret?”

And something in my heart nudged me to get out my journal and take notes. I think I wrote down every other word that was quoted in that movie. To this day, I still have that same journal. It was the first time in my life that I realized that my money blueprint was filled with lack and feelings of not having enough. I realized that I was angry at my family and God because I never felt provided for growing up.

I was so inspired by all the cast in the movie “The Secret” and how they were able to create the life of their dreams by using the law of attraction. I was determined to change my money story once and for all.

Here are a few action steps I took!

I became very grateful for the money that I DID have.

I stopped focusing on what I did not have.

I would write out, dance out, and sing out my favorite mantra, “I love money and money loves me!”

I wrote letters but I never sent them, to my family and God. They were filled with compassion and forgiveness. My family was doing the best they could with what they had.

I learned how to manage the money I already had.

I chose to see prosperity everywhere in my life.

The results were phenomenal after applying everything I learned from the movie “The Secret!” I went from being broke and in debt, to owning 3 businesses online where I help others create more freedom and wealth in their life by starting their own online business. I was able to get out of debt and start traveling the world full time, at the young age of 26! I went from cleaning toilets to being an entrepreneur and loving my life. I started earning more money in a single day than I ever did in 2 months of cleaning.

Ever since I brought “The Secret” into my life, everything has changed for the better.

If you’re struggling financially, know this.  You can change your life, you were not destined for poverty and you were born rich. Choose to see the abundance all around you because it really is everywhere.

With love,


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