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My Secret Clarity

Submitted by: Paul T

West Sussex, United Kingdom

On a deep level I always knew about The Secret, but it was obscured by the "programming" of my past.


I could bore you with the usual complaining about abuse in my childhood, bullying, etc. etc.

But I know I chose these things for my life. It served a purpose. They absolved me of any responsibility to myself. It was easier to blame everyone else for my life. I chose HIV, I chose drugs, I chose alcohol, I chose debt, again all of these things absolved me of any responsibility to myself.

Psychologist Eric Berne in his well known book, published in the 1960s, called “The Games People Play”, called this particular game “Wooden Leg”. E.G., you wouldn’t expect me to run a hundred meters with a wooden leg would you now?

And then something happened some years ago. A shift in thinking. I saw MY part in things. I decided to change my life. I wanted to write, so I started to write. I have written three books that have been published. I have a small consultancy, a wonderful partner, a nice home and good health. I am also debt free. What changed?

I had started to BE GRATEFUL for what I did have. I write a GRATITUDE LIST every day, and have done for about 10 years now. I write about how I imagine my life to be in the present tense. Its happening now, and if it isn’t in the moment, then the Universe is shifting to make it happen. Whatever I am thinking, good or bad, is on its way to me.

A couple of weeks ago I was on a beach reading The Secret. Someone I had never met before had convinced me to read it the week previously. In spite of being a writer, I don’t read a lot, ironic I know, but this… what can I say?

Having read the book and reaching the last few pages I had what only can be described as a spiritual experience. I was at one with the sea, the sun, the sand, and the ants marching over my beach towel. I felt a surge of energy somewhere inside of my chest, with tears streaming down my cheeks, and I knew what I had read was true. I knew because I knew it all along. I just needed the CLARITY of The Secret to be made known to me. Thank you Rhonda and everyone else for sharing this with the world. It is the spiritual shortcut the world needs.

I have since bought the DVD. I regularly watch Bob Proctor’s SECRET SUMMARY (which you will find in the extras section of the DVD). It is less than 8 minutes long and sets me up for the day.

Now life gets really exciting!Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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