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My Miraculous Body!

Submitted by: nidhi rane

Mumbai, india

I am a graphic designer born and brought up in India. I love to see the positive side in everything I do. I am a strong believer of the Universe. I believe love is the answer for all our questions.


Hello friends,

I would like to share my story with you, but before that, I want to deeply thank the law of attraction for always working and looking out for me, every time. Thank you so much, Rhonda, for your amazing books and thank you to each one of you for your lovely stories you post here, they are a true inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Four months ago I was experiencing a heavy feeling in my chest. I had no idea what that feeling was but I was sure that I didn’t want to feel that way, ever. I was worried to the core about what it was and I was really scared about it. One day I worried so much that my blood pressure dropped. I went to the doctor and he claimed it was acidity and he gave me some medicines. No doubt I did feel a little better afterwards but I still was worried about it and I was still kept experiencing the same thing. I was not able to sleep for months. I was not able to stand erect. I didn’t feel hungry. I wasn’t able to even sit with comfort. I felt discomfort in anything I was doing. As the time past I felt even worse, the heavy feeling now was replaced with pain and I felt something was really wrong.

I knew about The Secret from a long time but now I decided to do something about this situation. During the process, I came to a point where I strictly told myself to stop overloading my mind with negative thoughts. I was reading the book ‘The Power’ and it said that you also need to think good about things that are not related to health. For example, you need to feel grateful for each and every thing, be it a bright sunny day, or for the water you drink for the music in your playlist. I started following that and I gave thanks for everything that I came across. I started my day with a thank you list and ended it with the same. I kept my hand on the chest and gave thanks for it healing so fast. I could actually feel some changes taking place in my body. At times I felt a little low but I gained my strength back and without losing any hope, I continued doing it. Every time I was scared or faced some challenging situation I chanted the words “ Thank you” in my mind. For example if I heard an ambulance siren I said,” Thank you for my perfect health and thank you for the perfect health of the person in the ambulance”. I kept visualizing that I am telling my bestie that I was healed totally. I stood in front of the mirror and said I love you, all is well, and I hugged and kissed myself. I visualized that the rays from heaven were healing me and whenever I visualized, I did it with a smile on my face. I said thank you for this healthy food and water I consume every day that keeps me healthy and alive. I also chanted health affirmations before going to bed or at work, or whenever it was possible for me to do so. I said and talked about the things I wanted thereafter. Every time I thanked the Universe I got tears of happiness in my eyes.

Tada! Today is the day where I feel that I am totally cured and healed! That heavy feeling and pain is gone! It is a miracle that my body performed. I am so grateful that I am totally healed it feels like I have been gifted a brand new body. I can now sleep, eat, and do my day to day activities with ease.

Thank you, Universe I love you and I so love my body. The big thing is I am healed without medicines. I performed my day to day activities in spite of what I faced. I decided to focus on the good and believed that things would work out for me and I thanked each and every inch of my body. The mind heals the body no matter what. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazingly, miraculous body I have right now. Someone said it right ‘The Universe falls for a stubborn heart’. So never give up.

God bless each one of you reading my story. I believe you all will achieve what you strongly desire. Just don’t give up as miracles do happen!

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