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  • Date Posted: May 14, 2018
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Miracles Come From Unexpected Sources.


Minnesota, USA

I am a middle-aged person who left a promising career to help my troubled daughter.

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Miracles Come From Unexpected Sources.

I left a promising career after receiving several offers to move my family. However, I had a troubled teenage daughter who had finally began to improve her life. Accepting a promotion offer from my company would mean that I would have to move my family from Florida and risk thwarting the progress my daughter made. So, I took a risk and left the security of my job and entered into residential real estate back in 2004. I had moderate success and was able to support my family as my daughter continued to improve.

In 2008, events in the economy helped to tank real estate in Florida. I ended up filing for bankruptcy. I fell into depression and flailed about until I watched The Secret. I began a personal journey in 2009 to rebuild my life from within. I found a job and went back to college to finish my undergraduate degree. After finishing my degree, I thought I would be able to get a better job. It didn’t happen. Instead, my former company was interested in hiring me back provided I moved to Minnesota. By this time, my daughter along with my two sons had graduated from school. Ironically, my two sons attended and graduated from a college in Minnesota. So, my wife and I decided to take the risk and move from Florida to Minnesota since we were familiar with area. The only problem was that my new supervisor was horrible. He was demeaning, disrespectful and a master of passive aggressive behavior. Again, I found myself slipping into despair.

In July 2016 everything came to climax when he admitted that he didn’t’ like me and regardless of my good performance, he was out to terminate me. All he needed was an excuse to do so. I remembered how much of an impact The Secret had on my life a few years back. I re-read The Secret and I also downloaded two of The Secret apps onto my iPhone. I listed my 10 desires and began to read them everyday along with the Affirmations and Inspirational texts found on the app.

One of my Desires was: “A New Job Earning $95K Annually”. I began reaching out on job boards and posting my CV to several sites. I had a couple of interested companies, however, nothing really came of it. I trusted the Universe with my desires and continued to recite the affirmations.

Early in May 2017, a recruitment firm reached out to me. They told me that my CV aligned perfectly with the needs of a company they were working with to enter the U.S. market. Today I received an offer for $95,000 in annual salary! This offer is 2 1/2 times the salary I currently make. Many doubters would say that a middle-aged man cannot get a job with that level of compensation. However, the Universe has proven the naysayers wrong. This opportunity could not have been made possible without practicing the Law of Attraction. I completely entrusted my desires to the God of the Universe and released the anxiety of the outcome.

The Secret really does work. If you commit to the principals with the expectation that miracles can and do happen, your life and the lives of those you love will be forever changed. Thank you!

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