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Everything Is Possible!

Submitted by: Bluewolf


I am a singer-songwriter. Nature, country music and joy.


Everything had started when I broke up with a guy. I thought he was the “love of my life”, the perfect partner, but suddenly things began to go badly and he broke up with me. I couldn’t accept the break up but I continued to live my life. I made new friends, I passed my exams with brilliant results and I continued to work for my music career. All of this in 6 months, a period of time when I was apparently happy but always thinking about him even though he was ignoring me made me cry. I tried to date other guys, they were guys I had attracted, they were dream-like guys, because I knew about the law of attraction. None of them were comparable to him.

So one day I have decided to read The Secret. I made steps forward. He came to visit me but I wasn’t ready. I met important people, but I was too weak. So I read The Magic. Other steps, I was stronger than before. I restarted to love myself and to be truly grateful for where I was at the moment. Then I read The Power. Amazing improvements with my mood and my ability to observe my emotions.

Anyway my private life and my public life were connected. And the more I missed him, the less he cared and the less I was positive, the less I played in public. So my music career was stuck and I had to do something! I had to be constant because when I visualized my dream-life he was there. I contacted him and his non-reacting made me be depressed and the negative cycle would begin again and again.

So, one day, 7 months after the break up, I watched “The Secret” for the second time, sitting on the rocks with my friends at the seaside. I was inspired.  I decided to restart the visualization thing again. I said “I am in a relationship with him, thank God because he loves me so much, I am a famous songwriter.” and I acted as if it was my reality. I was really happy.

That same night, I was with my bassist at my place, and we found an old letter written by my ex boyfriend. It said that he had read The Secret. My mind had completely removed that information and I was shocked because everything felt so magical!!! We were on the same vibration! We were destined to be together! We knew it! Everything suddenly made sense and I was so happy that I started laughing!!! Yes, for 13 minutes, I couldn’t stop laughing!! So I texted and told him and I went to bed.

The following day I was famous. I had more than 10k active followers on Instagram, a lot of YouTube views and so many new likes on my Facebook page. I was happy. I laughed again. I was so grateful.

Now I have everything I wanted. He is my boyfriend. It took just a few hours for him to call me, the call that I was expecting. He was shocked by the coincidence, because even in the worst situation we found our way to go back together. I perform on big stages and I am a famous songwriter now. Suddenly a huge number of people became interested in everything I had to say and it made me feel in the right place.

If you are stuck in a situation and you work hard but never seem to succeed, remember that the “problem” or the “challenge” could deal with another part of your life. And when you solve it, you instantly start to fly!

So be faithful, believe it is real and it will become real.

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