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  • Submitted by: Zoya H
  • Date Posted: Jun 14, 2017
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Manifesting My Dream To Live In Dubai!

Zoya H


A dreamer with big ambitions.

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Manifesting My Dream To Live In Dubai!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share this story that The Secret is very powerful. Our thoughts, whether negative or positive, actually manifests.

I was 25 years old and was working in a temporary office job when I suddenly got fired and had no money. So as I was looking for a job back in 2005 and I came across Dubai and wished that I could go live there. I remember saying to myself “But how?”.

Two months later I then end up working in retail. Three years later July 2008, I applied to work in Dubai. However, after first interview I was rejected and they closed the opportunity. I remember being very disappointed but then forgot about it. I then moved to London and was working with a Dubai based company. However my boss was very strange which then lead me to look for  another job out of frustration. On a Friday afternoon at work, I came across a job advert for a position in Dubai and I just applied.

On Monday I get a call from a Dubai agent saying she would like to put me through for an interview. I then did the interview. The funny thing was that the HR lady was the lady that also did the interview with me on the phone back in 2008 for the first position I had applied for. She acknowledged it during the 9 hour group assessment. In that interview room that day were 20 candidates at least, but deep down I had this faith that no matter what, the job was mine.

My faith and passion led me to give an astounding presentation which then helped me to win the job. I got the job offer in August 2009.

Then another funny thing happened. My current company fired my boss and then asked me if I would relocate to Abu Dhabi!! It was very bizarre how I attracted going to the Middle East with 2 companies, something I had deeply desired for 5 years! So in Nov 2009 my dream of living in Dubai finally came true.

At that time I had no idea what The Secret was, but I use to know that what ever I thought of most was what I attracted. Then one day at work a colleague of mine was talking to me about The Secret and the law of attraction. It got me thinking but I never really looked in to it then. But in 2011 when I moved back to the UK and my life went downhill, I picked The Secret book one day out of despair while staying at a friend’s house. I was desperate to get out of being unemployed. After reading and using it I then manifested a new job In London.

What I have since realized is that when I am sad and negative my life goes downhill, and when I am  upbeat and positive, I attract the things I want. This experience and wisdom has taught me to guard my thoughts and beliefs. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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