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  • Date Posted: Jun 14, 2017
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Got My Ex Back Just As I Visualized It!

Cherry blossom


I am a female doctor.

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Got My Ex Back Just As I Visualized It!

At the beginning, I would like to thank a friend of mine who heard about The Secret but she never read the book. Thank you to The Secret crew who changed my life for the better.

Last July my partner broke up with me after a 6 year relationship. I was crushed and devastated and I knew that it was over for good. He was the love of my life. I begged and pleaded but nothing worked and even worse, I got so sick.

One day a friend of mine talked to me about The Secret book and told me that whatever you think about, you bring about. I realized that my thoughts were the reason for the breakup in the first place. I went to the book store and got The Secret and I read it over a week. At that time my partner was already dating other women but he told me we can be friends. I couldn’t bear the idea that he was talking to other women in front of me.

Eventually, I decided to let go. And that’s when the change happened. I bought The Power and The Magic and started a Gratitude Journal. In 2 weeks, I visualized him walking through the door and telling me he will never be able to live with any one else and he can not live without me. Guess what?

One Friday night I was sitting reading The Power and I heard the door open and he was standing there. I was shocked and stunned about The Power of The Secret. You will not believe it, he said the exact same words I had visualized before and then he hugged me the exact same way that I visualized!

Two weeks later, he moved in with me and we are so happy together. We are even better now than how we were before the breakup. To all of you out there, your stories encouraged me and inspired me. I hope mine will help you get what you want in your life. All you have to do is ask, believe that you already got it and let it go. That’s the key to receive.

I apologize for the long story but I really wanted to share it with the world. And remember, what you think about, you bring about! Gratitude is the way to go and the believe that God or the Universe will grant you all that you ask for. Good luck!

PS, I’m working on my dream job now and I’ll be posting my story once I start the job.


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