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  • Date Posted: Aug 17, 2017
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It Works!!


philadelphia, PA

I love my life my family and friends. I am 21 years old, ready to explore all of my power within. I also love God tons!

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It Works!!

Okay so I have been reading these stories on here where people talk about manifesting small items. I have been wanting to do that but I just couldn’t pick something. So as I was driving I said I will just try to manifest a small box but I wasn’t really interested and totally forgot to even give it a try. Later that day I was doing my makeup and I took out the lashes that I wanted to wear. They are pretty pricey so I keep them safe in their packaging. I put one lash on and got distracted because my phone went off. I got off my phone and saw that the other lash disappeared. I was disappointed because these lashes are expensive and it’s almost impossible to find them because they blend in with everything. So I took the other lash off and put on some other ones and I said “This is what I will manifest, my other lash.” I knew I wouldn’t find it immediately so I didn’t look for them as I was still feeling disappointed.

Later that night I kept telling myself I would find it soon. I left the other lash in it’s case and I knew it was going to appear. I thought to myself “It has to appear it’s just somewhere in my room” and two days later here I am I found it! I nearly cried I felt so much joy and gratitude not to mention an hour before I applied to a dream job. This was like a sign to me. It was on the sleeve of my bathrobe which is crazy because I showered and brushed my teeth and washed dishes and it still lingered on through all of that.

I am totally a believer. Wish for something you have interest in if you have a hard time manifesting something small. Also you really must believe and not feel rushed or anxious. Thank you all for writing your stories.

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