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I Desired And Let Go

Submitted by: Anonymous

New Zealand

A 22 year old girl becoming stronger each day!


First of all I am very grateful to Rhonda and The Secret team for sharing this gift with us all. I am also grateful for my mum who is spiritual and strong and she introduced me to the Law of Attraction and bought me my copy of The Secret.

I picked up my copy of The Secret last Monday night. It’s been sitting on my coffee table for months and I hadn’t bothered to read it as I already knew about The Secret and I never got around to reading the book properly.

Anyway, I had a particularly awful weekend as a big change in my relationship resulted in me feeling lost, hopeless, depressed – all negative feelings. But I thought to myself “Hey I can sit here for the rest of the week or month or year and cry every night or I can reconnect with myself and the universe and be happier than ever”.

So that is what I did!

Every night last week I locked myself away in my room and reread my book. I read inspirational stories on this website, I listened to The Power audiobook on YouTube. During the day I visualized what I wanted in my relationship, I visualized my beautiful boyfriend loving me and I sent love to him. I gave thanks for everything good in my life and made mental and physical lists of everything I love and was grateful for.

During the week I asked for some signs. I asked to see a car that was exactly like my boyfriend’s, everyvtime he was thinking of me.

Now, his car is not that common, though it isn’t odd to see one, either. But the color is unique and I have never seen many the same around before. Starting from that day, I saw them everywhere!! I didn’t intentionally look to find them either, they would just appear. I felt elated and knew I must keep going with my positivity.

Towards the end of the week I started having little doubts creep in and anxious feelings. I was aware of them and tried to change those feelings. I was grateful however because now I was aware of those bad feelings, when previously I would’ve either not noticed and let them snowball or I wouldn’t have done anything to change my frequency.

So on one of these days where I was struggling to stay positive, my mum contacted me to say she had run into my boyfriend’s mum. It was purely by accident, especially since my mum lives out of town. They had a discussion and his mum said that he wasn’t doing so great due to what had happened between us. I don’t want my boyfriend to be hurt, but that made me send out more love to him as it showed that he still cared.

I went home feeling more inspired.

To cut a long story short, yesterday I realized where I was going wrong.

I wasn’t letting go!

I was continually visualizing, asking, believing, feeling…but I was still obsessing.

So I totally distracted myself, almost forgot about everything yesterday. I sang and danced, I sat in one place and read an old book all day! I felt great. I had to venture to the supermarket around 5:30 pm for some essentials. On the way I saw a car the same as my boyfriends. I smiled but didn’t think much of it. As I pulled into the near empty carpark, there were three cars exactly like his!! Color and everything!! I laughed out loud and thanked the Universe.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I’m sitting there thinking how proud I was for letting go and having unwavering faith and belief. Shortly after I receive a text from my mum. I read it and sat my phone back down. About 30 seconds later another text came in and I assumed it would be my mum again but it was my boyfriend.

Seeing his name flash up on my phone was divine and I felt so strong and happy and proud. I was on a high for the rest of the night and knew that I needed to keep thinking about myself, keep being happy and keep my faith. This morning on the way to work I saw 5 cars just like his, and 2 more when I went to the bank an hour ago.

This story is very long but I wanted to share my week with you. I hope this can serve as inspiration to some. Keep believing and be clear about your desires! Know that love is the greatest power on earth and the force of love will work through anything to bring you what you desire.

Try your hardest to ask, receive, believe and then let go! Don’t give up, but let go.

Feel accomplished and grateful and proud and happy. What you want may take time or it may present itself to you in a matter of hours. But you must be clear, happy, believing and feel good about yourself!

I can’t wait to submit another story of my love and I together and what else I can manifest into my life. I’m so thankful for this awareness.


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