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I brought it on myself!!

Submitted by: Jess



This event happened before I found The Secret, but looking back on it I realize that I brought this on myself….

I was picking up my husband from work one afternoon (he had his license suspended and couldn’t drive for eight months…guess who was the chauffeur:) ). Anyway, where my husband works there are a lot of 18 wheelers around. Even where we need to park our cars to get in the building …..

Well, this was a Saturday so there was only one 18 wheeler and he happened to be parked sideways where I needed to park.. (he had been washing off his truck with the only hose available) so I parked behind him thinking that he would pull forward because it made no sense to back up from the position he was parked in….

Funny thing is, I even remember saying to myself…”I hope he doesn’t back up on me” :O….w Well, if we all go by the: “Your wish is my command” quote…then I certainly wished for him to hit me…and he did…he backed right up into me and shoved the entire car to the side…he jumped out and I got out…and since I thought it was just as much my fault as it was his I decided not to call the insurance company. So instead he gave me $100 :O I was so excited and happy after that… and I now drive my car with the scuff mark on the rear bumper to remind me to be careful what I wish for 😛

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