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  • Date Posted: Jan 10, 2017
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Gratitude, The Magical Ingredient That Was Missing In My Life Until Now.


Sydney, Australia

I am South African born but Australian at heart.

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Gratitude, The Magical Ingredient That Was Missing In My Life Until Now.

I would never truly have admitted that I suffered from the chronic curse of constant complaint. Always looking at the “glass half empty” rather than appreciating the “glass half full”, until now.

Last night I was reminded of how damaging this litany of complaint is. I have been in a relationship for about two and a half years. Over that time we have been through many ups and just as many downs. Just yesterday, I fell into my usual trap of getting lost in victimhood and decided to take it out on my partner. This time however, he finally had enough and decided to call it quits preferring to maintain a platonic relationship instead.

Understandably I was very hurt. However, after mulling this situation over I decided to read “The Magic” more thoroughly this time and to actually heed it’s wisdom. Rhonda Byrne reiterates the importance of focusing on the many blessings that a relationship can bring stating very clearly that the power of gratitude can magically transform any relationship because the focus shifts from one of criticism and complaint to one of appreciation.

I applied this teaching today and realised just how true this is. I plan to continue my daily practice of gratitude because I can already see how I am becoming a much much better person for doing so.

A huge thanks to Rhonda for spreading The Magic. May you be showered with many more blessings on your life’s journey. Much love and appreciation.

May you all be blessed with the gift of gratitude. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving back in kind.

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