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  • Date Posted: Jan 10, 2017
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Ask Once And Let It Go!!!



I am married, working in a MNC.

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Ask Once And Let It Go!!!

I want to share a beautiful experience of the LOA here that happened to me yesterday!! I was going through a rough phase for the past few months. I was looking for job in a particular company but things didn’t happen as I had wished for. I applied the LOA but I did not ever actually release my intention to the Universe. I was in doubt and fear about what if things did not work out and hence I was not given what I wished for.

Just a month back I decided to put the LOA to the test and I imagined having an iPhone 6S. I Googled the image of the phone, saw it once and released my intention to the Universe and completely forgot about it.

Yesterday, to my surprise me and husband just happened to receive a message on our phone that one of the credit cards we wanted was being activated and the limit is good. A random thought came to my mind to go and check out some cool phones. We went to Chroma and there was only one offer for the card that we were using and that was for one iPhone 6S!! I immediately grabbed the phone and after a few hours I realised, oh my God, I can not believe this! This is what I had asked for a month back and here it is! I could not believe it. I was so happy guys!

LOA definitely works. Wish for something you want just once, release the intention into the Universe and let it go, just forget about it. The Universe will definitely start working on it the moment you release it and deliver it to you in the most surprising, unexpected way. And yes, I am typing this post from my new iPhone 6S!

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